Google AdMob vs Facebook Ads – Which is better?

Hello friends, welcome back to The trendy business. In this article, we are writing about the Facebook Audience Network (Ads) vs Google AdMob Review 2020.

In order to earn money from the Android or iOS app or game, there are several ways such as in-App Purchases, Sponsorship, Advertisements, and many more. But there is another popular way to earn money from the Android app is by integrating an advertisement.

Two of the best mobile-specific ad networks are the Facebook Audience Network and Google AdMob

In this article, we will do a relative study of these two mobile ad networks and will try to figure out Google AdMob vs Facebook ads – which is better?

Google AdMob vs Facebook Ads : Introduction

AdMob is Google’s individual mobile ad network that allows publishers to monetize their mobile apps with relevant ads from a large list of advertisers.

Facebook Audience Network (FAN) is a relatively new mobile ad network, developed by Facebook, that allows Facebook advertisers to raise their performance and extend their reach by showing ads on third-party apps and mobile web.

AdMob is a Google-owned and managed company that has been handling business since 2012. They serve over 200 billion ad requests worldwide every month, with over 1 million advertisers, and have more than 1 million apps currently running on the AdMob mobile ad network.

The Facebook Audience Network (FAN) offers smart solutions to publishers to monetize their apps and websites. FAN is designed with user engagement and growth in mind. Publishers can choose from a range of interactive ad formats such as rewarded video, which works great for gaming apps or playable video ads.

Facebook Audience Network vs AdMob: Minimum Traffic Requirement

There have to be at least 20 individuals to create a custom audience in Facebook Audience Network. However, Facebook suggests having several hundred people in the audience before using an ad so that the CPA and relevance score is higher. It becomes difficult to deliver and optimize an ad if your network is too small.

Google also owns Admob so, there is no minimum traffic requirement like AdSense. It does not impose any language requirement either. But to become a publisher in this network, you need to have a prior approved AdSense account.

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Facebook Ads vs Google AdMob: Revenue Share Percentage

AdMob has a revenue split ratio of 60:40. The network shares 60% of the generated revenue with the publishers and retains the rest 40%.

Facebook Ad Network aims to provide mobile publishers with the best monetization solution, through high-quality ads. The network has not disclosed a specific revenue share at this time. We will update when some information is available.

Facebook Ad Network vs AdMob: Ad Quality

Facebook displays high-quality advertisements in its audience network across all devices. It supports cross-platform monetization (Android, iOS, and Windows). Publishers and developers are given an option to choose between three different ad units: banners, interstitials and native ads when using Facebook Audience Network.

AdMob has global reachability and displays high-quality advertisements as it is a Google Product. It displays ads on the mobile app (Android & iOS) and mobile website across all platforms. You can also customize text ad units with specific colors and fonts to maximize visibility and click rates.

Now let’s move further in review of google admob vs facebook ads.

Facebook Audience Network vs AdMob: Publisher List

AdMob is used by top app developers around the world like Etermax, Cheetah Mobile, Backflip Studios, and Fingersoft.

Facebook Ad Network is used by top advertisers and publishers as the network is accessed by billions of people around the world. Publishers include AppNexus,, Index Exchange, etc.

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Facebook Ads vs Google AdMob: CPM and RPM Rates

The CPM earnings of Facebook Ad Network varies greatly depending upon the targeted traffic. It is usually in the range of 50 cents to USD 3. The higher CPM means more advertisers are bidding for that audience. This performance is suitable for Asian and global traffic, and high eCPMs of USD 1 to 5 can be obtained.

Although The earning model of AdMob is based on a CPM basis, there is some CPC advertising available. The revenue highly depends on the location of the traffic. AdMob provides lower rates of CPM compared to AdSense.

The average RPM on the Android platform lies between 15 cents to USD 1.50 while on iOS, it is between 20 cents to USD 2. They also have excellent fill rates and competitive eCPMs. Interstitial ad units have an RPM rate of USD 2 to 4 for the Android platform and USD 3 to 5 for the iOS platform.

Facebook Audience Network vs AdMob: Payment and Earnings Report

Facebook Audience Network has a monthly payment cycle with payment occurring in the third week of the month for the previous month’s revenue. If the earning becomes higher than $100 without the publisher taking out the payment, then further ad display gets suspended. 

To help publishers figure out how to make their ads more impactful Facebook launched the “Advertiser Outcome Score”.

AdMob also follows the monthly payment cycle. The minimum payout threshold is $20. It supports payment through several portals which include ACH, PayPal, and Wire Transfer.


Facebook Ads and AdMob are both premium mobile ad networks providing efficient services. However, AdMob most suitable for app publishers as it only lets you monetize mobile apps. But Facebook Ad Network enables advertisers feed ads to Facebook, third-party apps and mobile web, thus it increases advertisers’ reach.

Moreover, 80% of the Facebook Audience Network’s ads are native, which draw 7x greater CPI and 20% to 40% higher revenue per user than its banner ads.  However, the earnings generated in the Audience Network is less compared to Admob.

But if you are searching for alternative for Google Admob then Facebook Audience Network is the best among all.

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