What is the full form of SDO? & Complete information about SDO

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What is the full form of SDO?

The Full form of SDO is Sub Divisional Officer.

The Sub-Divisional Officer is the chief civil officer of the sub-division. One can be appointed in one-of-a-kind departments of authorities like civil, engineering, electricity, water, central public works branch, Department of posts, Military Engineering Services, etc.

So let’s go ahead and get a lot more information about SDO.

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What is SDO?

What is full form of SDO? & Complete information for SDO and more

The Sub-Divisional Officer is a government post that covers almost every department of any state in any country such as the Electric Department, the Police Department, the Irrigation Department, and the Army.

A Sub-Divisional Officer is appointed in every city or district from every state of the country. Which focuses on running the government system properly.

Officers of the Sub-Divisional Officer’s Office work under the State Government. And their appointment or selection is also done by the state government.

How to become an SDO?

Now, You know the full form of SDO and you also know what SDO is. So let us now also know how to become an SDO if you want to become, and what are the qualifications for it.

The SDO is selected by the State Government as shown above. But its full details are as shown below. The SDO is selected by the government in two ways, the details of which are as follows.

The first way is promotion. It includes a person already working in a government position who is working in a position below SDO. SDO is created by promoting the good behavior and work of that person.

And in another way, the government conducts examinations for direct recruitment. So let us know further how SDO selection examination is conducted in any state.

The SDO officer is an authorities officer below the kingdom government, so it is additionally chosen with the aid of the authorities of every state. The SDO is chosen with the aid of the country authorities via the Public Service Commission i.e. Public Service Commission examination.

In nearly each and every state, every 12 months the Public Service Commission conducts the examination for the choice of SDO and involved candidates can take this examination by using filling this examination form.

In this examination, the candidate must be a graduate in the discipline of the involved department, such as – If you favor to turn out to be an SDO in the technical or electrical department, then for that you should have a graduate in that field.

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Eligibility to become SDO?

What is the full form of SDO? & Complete information for SDO and more

So let us know the education qualification to become SDO. And do you remember what is the full form of SDO? If you don’t remember, let me tell you that the full form of SDO is Sub Divisional Officer.

SDO means you need to have a graduation to become a sub-divisional officer, you can apply for SDO only if you have a graduation. And along with that many other qualifications for SDO creation are detailed below.

  • You must be between 21 and 30 years of age to become an SDO Officer.
  • While OBC and SC / ST category candidates are exempted in the age of 3 and 5 years respectively.
  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field to sit for the SDO Exam.

If you have all the above-mentioned qualifications then you can easily qualify for the exam for becoming an SDO officer. And this exam has two steps. Which is outlined below.

SDO exam preparation

The full details of the exam for becoming an SDO are given below. This exam also has two stages. These include the preliminary examination and the main examination. So let’s get the details of both of them.

Preliminary Exam

This examination is the first examination to be given for SDO, in which the candidate is requested in general non-obligatory questions associated with customary knowledge, mathematics, reasoning, etc.,

When the candidate passes this exam, then he / she will be in the 2nd section of this examination.

Mains Exam

This is the 2nd segment of the SDO examination in which the candidate is referred to as solely after passing the first stage, in which the candidate has to take a written examination and it is a bit tougher than the preliminary stage.

Candidates who ignore this examination are additionally referred to as for interviews in the last stage. The last profitable candidate for the SDO Post is chosen on the groundwork of the candidate’s overall performance in the interview.

Work of SDO and its salary

What is the full form of SDO? & Complete information for SDO and more

The SDO is the greatest officer of its branch in which all different minor officers in its division are to blame to the SDO for their work and additionally oversees the improvement work of their place with the assist of tehsildars and different officers.

In addition to this, the SDO additionally listens to the complaints of small officers when the public receives a complaint. The position that a DM has in the complete district is the identical position of an SDO in his department.

Normally the month-to-month revenue of an SDO can be around Rs. 23,640 / – which consists of Allowances and Grades separately. It is at first given to the newly recruited SDO officer.

After including all the amenities and allowances, the Salary of SDO at the preliminary degree can be Rs 51,378 / – per month whilst the senior publish officer’s profits is extra than this.

Final words

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