What is Captcha Entry Jobs – Top 10 Sites for Captcha Entry Jobs Without Investment

Welcome Back to thetrendybusiness.com. today in this article we will discuss what is captcha entry jobs sites and all about captcha typing jobs like Top 10 captcha entry job sites, Captcha entry jobs without investment, and free captcha entry jobs online.

Captcha entry Jobs is one of the best online work. This work gives people an easy income opportunity to work from home. In this type of job, you also can work from home with your computer or even mobile.

If you work only 2 to 4 hours daily then you can earn between Rs.5000 to Rs.10000 per month. This income is depending on your typing if you type fast then you can also earn more than Rs.10000.

If you want to do captcha entry jobs without investment, Here your work is quite simple. You only need to login into your account via your username & password. Also, you can see the CAPTCHA image being loaded, after visiting your work area.

let’s start with begin…

What is “Captcha” & Captcha typing work?

I am very sure you must have solved many captchas on the internet several time. Many websites or applications ask you to enter the word written in an image to verify. Now let’s see why would someone give you the money for captcha entry jobs without investment.

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Take an example of Digitize India which is an initiative of the Indian government. let’s see why they give money to the contributor for free captcha entry jobs online.

  • firstly, many platforms like Digitize India collects scanned images from various organizations. then after they shred images into snippets with meaning full data.
  • These all captcha are randomly served to the contributors.
  • All contributors like us who want to do captcha entry jobs without investment type the word shown in the captcha.
  • After the above 3 steps, A match engine checks if they typed the right word or not.
  • If they write correct entries then they get a reward point for each correct word.
  • A platform that gives you snippets, organizes the snippet text digitized by contributors.
  • All solved captcha documents are re-assembled and provided back to the organizations.

Hope you are understand the process of free captcha entry jobs online.

Basic process of Captcha entry jobs from Home

As we see above on the right entry of captcha, one will get to see the message of success. For the right entries, you will be get paid for your captcha typing jobs.

Normal length of the code of captcha will be about 4 to 15 comprising of Alphabet, Numeric and special characters.

It is also important to note that there is no such limit to the number of captcha entry which you carry out in a day. Payments of your free captcha entry jobs online are made each month between the 7th and 15th for last month’s work.

Also, you can check your daily income summary in the Earning tab. If you also want more information about what is captcha entry jobs and the basic of top 10 captcha entry job sites, you can check out the demo video of captcha typing work.

If you want to start captcha entry jobs from home, then you need to register on different websites or platforms that provide captcha entry jobs. Keep in mind, signup is free on most of the websites.

some of the sites ask money before you can register your self. You need to avoid these kind of sites and only focus on captcha entry jobs free registration.

The Full form of CAPTCHA is “Completely Automated Public Turning test to Humans and Computers Apart.” In other words, captcha is a verification code test, which can be only read and understood by human beings.

After discussing all the basic things about captcha entry jobs without investment let’s move further to the Top 10 captcha entry job sites.

Top 10 Captcha Entry job Sites

One of the most important requirements to earn extra income from captcha typing jobs is your typing speed. If you have a typing speed of more than 32+ words per minute then you can earn more money than others.

Here we mention the names & some important information about top 10 captcha entry job sites for your captcha entry work.

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1. FastTypers

You need to scan & send copies of your photo Id & the utility bill in order to join this FastTypers Free captcha entry jobs online. It is one of the top 10 captcha entry job sites. That appreciates the work of their workers when they all are performing their best superlatively.

You can earn some extra money if you work during the night hours especially between 12 am to 5 pm. Normally, it pays up to Rs. 150 for solving 1000 captchas.

It is also important to note that while typing captcha images, you have to be cautious that you do it within 30 second and also with minimum 85% accuracy.

Payment Method and Options:

This platform processes the payment weekly either on Tuesday or Wednesday. You can withdraw your payment via,

  • Web Money
  • Perfect Money
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal

Click here to join FastTypers.

2. CaptchaTypers

captcha typers captcha typing jobs

It is also one of the legitimate Top 10 captcha entry job sites. In which many people are working in their free time. If you want to Start captcha entry jobs without investment, you need to mail to [email protected].

Once you complete your task of send mail, you will get a confirmation mail from this official ID. In this mail, your admin panel is also included.

Keep focus and also need to be alert while you do the registration process because many scammers are asking for a fee for their admin panel.

In this captcha entry jobs from home, you will be notified in case the captchas are case sensitive. you will get up to rs.150 for solving 1000 captchas. Which go higher when working at night.

If you always working between 9 pm to 9 am, then your earning is higher than others.

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Payment Options:

  • Perfect Money
  • Neteller Payment
  • Web Money
  • Payaza

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You can Join CaptchaTypers here.

3. Kolotibablo

kolotibablo from top 10 captcha typing job sites

Kolotibablo is one of the top free captcha entry jobs online providers. They pay $.35 to $1 for every 100 captcha images if you type correctly.

If you check the latest payment stats of the top 200 people, you will get they earn money between $100 to $200 per month.

Firstly, keep in mind they are very strict & ban your account if they found repeated mistakes.

Working Process is very easy and you can start working as soon as you signup & login to accout.

Payment Option:

  • Payza
  • WebMoney

Join Kolotibablo from here.

4. 2Captcha


If you want to do captcha solving work then 2captcha is best option for captcha entry jobs without investment. In this site you can earn up to $1 for typing 1000 captcha & also receive bonus for solving very complicated captchas.

You can start earning from first day after signup & login to your account.

Payment Option:

  • PayPal
  • Payza
  • Webmoney

Lastly, minimum payout for webMoney is $0.5, for PayPal is $5 & also for Payza is $1.

Join 2Captcha From here.

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5. MegaTypers

megatypers for captcha entry jobs

MegaTypers is a leading Captcha entry jobs in India. This site is known for its authenticity and also for payment methods. It is a very good and an ideal platform for all the college students, and any one who can work in their free time.

You can easily make Rs.15000 per month if you work for 5 to 6 hours a day from this free captcha entry jobs online.

Payment Option:

  • Web Money
  • Bitcoin
  • Perfect Money
  • Bank Cheques
  • PayPal
  • Wester Union

It is also important to note that the minimum payout for western union is Rs.7000, and Rs.200 for all the other payment methods.

Click here to join Megatypers.

6. ProTypers


It is also one of the best captcha entry jobs without investment for doing a part-time job after MegaTypers. It is very similar and simpal as MegaTypers. Almost all information on the both sites are same.

a beginner can earn up to Rs.50, whereas an advanced user can earn up to Rs.100 for typing 1000 captchas.

You can join this platform for captcha entry from any corner of the world. It does not matter where you are residing.

Payment Option:

  • Bitcoin
  • WebMoney
  • Perfect Money
  • Payza
  • Western Union
  • Bank Cheques

Join ProTypers Here.

7. Qlinkgroup

qlinkgroup captcha entry

This platform is a little bit different from our list of top 10 captcha entry job sites. If you want to start your captcha typing work with Qlinkgroup, then you have to download the software to work with this site.

Don’t get fooled by other people & sites who ask for the money to provide you admin panel of Qlinkgroup. It is free for everyone.

Download the Qlink Group software from here. After downloading check each and every detail provided to work with software.

8. VirtualBee

VirtualBee is one of the oldest company exist since 2001 for providing captcha entry jobs from home. In this site your task is different.

Once you signup with the site, you have to give Evaluation Test. scores of your test is between 0 to 100 & you will be provided the work as per your score in the test.

This site pay money to you as per your skills and knowledge. So if you want to start part time job then this site is also best option for captcha entry jobs in India.

Visit This Platform.

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9. Captcha2Cash


There are lots of people in this world who are making good income through working on Captch2cash. There is only need to download the latest software. You also can start our work from first day after signup.

You can find very useful information like FAQ & other details that help you to work very smoothly with Catcha2cash.

This Platform Pay you $1 for every 1000 captchas.

Payment Option:

  • Payza
  • Perfect Money

Join Captcha2Cash from here .

10. PixProfit

It is also important to note that PixProfit is a very good site for captcha entry jobs without investment. But the registration for this platform is now closed.

we will inform you if they open their registration portal again. You can visit and follow the site at pixprofit.com.

So these are the top 10 captcha entry job sites. But it is very difficult to work on all the sites simultaneously so you need to find which site you like the most & work on few of the sites from the list

Captcha entry jobs without investment will not earn you a great income but there are many other online jobs without investment provided here.

Important Factors to Consider before Captcha typing work

  • Some of the Captcha work sites may ask you to download software from admin panel.
  • Create your account on PayPal and Payza bacause almost all website pay through PayPal and Payza. After then join and start working with any captcha entry jobs in india.
  • You can always explore more options of captcha websites. Also evaluate if they are making genuinely payment and try them up to their minimum balance.

Hope that You like our today’s article about captcha entry jobs without investment and captcha entry jobs from home.

You can also look for other part-time job option if you want to make more money from home. If you like our today’s article then share it to your friends and on all social media platform.

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