5 Best Ways to Make Money with Video (2021)

Nowadays, people love to watch and making videos. And also, People like to watch videos more than they read. So, why not you take this opportunity as an advantage and make some money by making videos. In, today’s trending world there are unlimited platforms available to make money by selling your videos or getting traffic on your videos. Here, we mention 5 Best Ways to Make Money with Video (2021).

Best Ways to Make Money with Video or as a Videographer

Let you ask yourself some questions like

“Do you enjoy creating videos and sharing them online on many platforms like youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc?”, or “Do you like videography?”, “Do you like to edit videos?”, or “Do you like to make animated videos”? If your answer is yes in any of the above-mentioned questions then, there is a really big chance to make money with videos.

1. Become a YouTuber – one of the best way to make money with video

youtube, make money with youtube

However, you make good quality videos and making videos with really good content but it is important to reach your videos to your audiences. As you all aware that YouTube is the best platform in the world to share your videos. And also, you can become popular by creating good videos. So, YouTube is one of the best platform to make money with video.

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How to become a YouTuber?

If you want to become YouTuber, then make sure that your every step should be in the right direction in a way of becoming YouTuber. Below, we give you some basic guidelines to become a successful YouTuber. Read it carefully and you have to follow that guide properly.

There are stapes to follow in the beginning:-

1. Choose Niche to Build Your Channel on YouTube

Firstly, you have to make your channel on youtube. Before making a channel make sure that you choose your favorite niche in which you can constantly make content and also you have knowledge about it. So that you can make good videos in it and viewers will be satisfied by watching your videos.

2. Gear up

Starting a YouTube channel is as easy as making an account on any social media platform. But after starting the channel you have to work hard to make your videos with good quality. For that, you need enough good equipment for making videos with good quality. For example, you need a camera, microphones, and also lighting equipment. Yes, you can make videos with smartphones but make sure that the video and audio quality should be good enough to watch on youtube by viewers. We suggest if you want to become a successful and professional Youtuber then you must need the above-mentioned equipment.

3. Plan your content

Make sure, you already know that what your content will look like in upcoming days before you start making your video. They are the instructions for furthering our channel and making relevant videos.
In short, a video series is a really great way to create engaging content. And also, You should create a really amazing story that leaves them wanting to come back for watching more like them. In short, you have to make a good path for uploading your future videos.

4. Learn YouTube SEO

However, you make amazing videos but without SEO you can’t able to get more views on your videos. And also, if you want to achieve success in a short time on Youtube, you have to do perfect SEO on your Youtube. SEO is something like connecting your audience with your video easily. With good SEO you can get more viewers on your video and you are able to make more money from youtube.

5. Upload Consistently

Even if you don’t get many viewers, in the beginning, you should continue to post videos on YouTube. Once the success is found, you still have to keep the video intact.

Thursday and Friday are best days for posting a new videos on YouTube.

6. Communicate with your Audiences

You have to keep interacting with your viewers. For example, you can ask viewers some questions in your video and the viewers will answer your question in the comments. Suppose, if you have a gaming channel then you can give a shoutout. And also, you should properly answer your viewer’s question in the comment section.

7. Promote your channel on Social Media Platforms

Start promoting your channel on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and Pinterest to give a better chance of developing your self on YouTube.

So, these are few important steps you should follow if you want to start new YouTube.

2. Sell Your Stock Footage

Similarly, stock photos there are many platforms available that give an online service to sell stock footage for commercial use. But before selling footage you have must required videography skills. And also, the quality of your video must be enough good for someone willing to buy it.

Platforms for Selling Video Footage:-

there are uncountable platforms available but here, we mention best 4 platforms to sell your video footage:-

Skills Required for Videography:-

It is not really easy to sell stock video footage as you think. You have to hard work for making stock videos with amazing quality and content. Firstly, make sure that the quality of your videos is good enough to sell it. Secondly, You should know the angle science of videography for making video more effective to watch. Thirdly, the lighting of your video must be amazing because it makes it more interesting and effective. And also, make sure that your video will fulfill the need of the client. Lastly, you must have some video editing skills for making video better. For example, you should know how to add some effect or how to add slow-motion effects and also how to add some animation in the video. So, these are some skills you must learn have before creating videos to make money with video or by selling them.

Tips for Stock Video Footage:-

Here, we mention some tips you should follow before you start selling stock videos footage.

  • Start something small
  • Think about every shot you recorded
  • Amazing lighting in the shot
  • Slow-motion is a really good idea to make it impressive
  • use drones for taking footage
  • take 360-degree footage

Tips for Selling Stock Footage:-

make money with video, videography, camara
  • Choose your favorite niche
  • Find your audiences
  • Create videos with good quality
  • Think like a clients
  • Keep growing your stock video library
  • Use trending topics
  • Keep making useful and unique videos

So, these are tips for selling stock footage.

3. Start Vlogging

This way is not for all of us but if you like to travel and you really enjoy to do traveling then vlogging is one of the best way to generate additional income. Yes, you can say that this is one of the niche for making videos on YouTube. Even you can sell your video on many online platforms.

Tips for Vlogging:-

These are tips for Vlogging for beginners.

  • Learn the art of editing videos
  • Follow your passion
  • Choose a niche or topic for Vlogging
  • Keep posting continuously
  • Grow with trends
  • Learn the skill of storytelling
  • Create and end vlog with uniquely

4. Create Video Tutorials

If you have any skills and you can represent it means you can make a video of your skill then this is one of the best way to make money with video. What you have to do is create a video lecture and sell it online. there are many platforms available to buy for lectures and give you a worthy price according to your skills. To make money with video trust me, this is one of good platform.

For example, you are a good dancer then create tutorials to learn dancing, similarly, you can create a lesson on singing, drawing, playing games, But you need to have knowledge that you teach people about.

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5. Video Marketing

If you know how to use video to promote your product and also, market your services, then you can become a video marketer. Video marketing is used for increasing engagement on your digital and social platforms. And also it is used for educating customers and reach more audiences day by day.

Tips For Video Marketing:-

Check out this list of tips to achieve success in video marketing.

  • Watch the length of a video
  • Plan your videos
  • Use your tags
  • Learn a good storytelling skill
  • Make perfect video title
  • Don’t forget to say share it
  • Give links properly
  • Create a series
  • Use Facebook for targeting
  • Use analytics

Recall that you can start creating videos on any platform, but you should never compromise on quality. Try to be consistent and keep doing hard work you will see results in a few months. I hope this post helps you enough to start making a career in videography.

In the end, Hope this post is very helpful for you and your career. If you like to make videos then you can easily make money by above mention ways. Don’t just read it for doing nothing. Do something, Start something small now. Be sure to follow us on all social media platforms to stay updated about our upcoming articles.


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