Top 5 business ideas in Chennai with Cheap Investment

Hello friends, welcome back to our website thetrendybusiness with a new article. Here in this article I have written for you about Top 5 business ideas in Chennai with Cheap Investment.

Nowadays, everyone is starting a small or big business. And you too can read this article if you live in Chennai or are thinking of doing business in Chennai. Chennai is a developing city. So you can think of doing a lot of business in it.

And if you are thinking of doing business but you don’t have enough investment funds then no need to worry I will give you top 5 business ideas in Chennai in this article which can be started even with less investment.

Some information about Chennai that you must know before starting a business

Not only Chennai but any place where you want to start a business should already have some information so that you know how to start a business there. Such as what business to do there and how to do it.

As you know, Chennai is called the automobile hub of India. That is why there is a huge scope in any business related to automobiles in Chennai. So you can easily develop an automobile business there.

Chennai has the second largest beach in the world. Its name is Marian Beach and its length is 13 kilometers. So there are some facts that will help you to do business easily and you can move your business forward successfully.

So let’s move on to the main topic Top 5 business ideas in Chennai with Cheap Investment and get information about it.

Photography Business Idea In Chennai

Top 5 business ideas in Chennai is the first starting business Photography Business. Which you can easily start, and from which you can earn money.

Top 5 business ideas in Chennai with Cheap Investment

Photography Business is a part time as well as full time business that you can do. In any business you do, there must be competition. There is also a lot of competition in this business. But even here you can earn very good according to your experience and skills.

Since Chennai has mountains, forests and a large beach, you can also do wildlife photography or natural photography there. With so many tourists coming there you can also click their photos and also do tourist photography.

Or you can open your own photography studio. But opening a professional studio can be a little expensive. So if you do not want to spend more, you can start a simple and cheap studio.

To start this business you need to know some Requirement about it.

  • Budget (minimum 1 Lakhs)
  • Camera and Lenses
  • Small Studio
  • Lighting
  • Laptop
  • Social media advertising and marketing for developing your enterprise

Car Washing Business Idea In Chennai

Chennai is a fast growing city. And with this, Chennai is also India’s automobile hub. That is why most of the automobile related items are imported and exported there. And has done almost a population job in Chennai.

Top 5 business ideas in Chennai with Cheap Investment

So the people of Chennai do not have enough time to wash their cars. But those people prefer to wash their car once a week. So you can earn good money by opening a car washing station in Chennai.

You can earn as much as you want from this small scale business. For that you have to make every effort on your part. With good service, good location and good marketing techniques you can increase your revenue.

You can get more customers than other car washers, for which you have to start a mobile car washing station. So you can go to customers’ homes and get their cars washed. This will increase your customers and with it your revenue.

For the same reasons, car washing business idea ranks second in the list of Top 5 business ideas in Chennai. Now let’s get some other information about car washing business. So that it is easy for you to start that business.

You can start this business with a minimum investment of 3 to 4 lakhs. And before starting this business you will need some licenses which are as follows: Land Permit, Water Permit, TaxFire License.

You will have the requirements for washing system, such as a conveyor tunnel, Chemicals, Dryers, Blowers, Vacuums, Brushes, Towels, Water system etc. and you will also need a minimum of 2 to 3 staff.

Electronics Repair Business Idea In Chennai

If you are familiar with electronic devices, you can start this business in Chennai and earn good money. Because Chennai is a very big city and someone’s house needs an electrician. And this business does not require much investment. You can run this business with your skills.

Top 5 business ideas in Chennai with Cheap Investment

You can start this business based on your experience. This is a very demanding business these days. But for this business you already need to be knowledgeable. You can start these busines while living in Chennai.

If you don’t have experience in this business, don’t worry and you can get experience by doing some time job from a repair shop first. Then you can do this business not only in Chennai but in any city. Because this business is currently a high demanding business.

If you want to increase your income from this business, don’t limit yourself to repairing small electronic devices. But you will need to add some other types of services, such as mobile repair, computer repair and TV repair. Along with this you can also sell electronic accessories.

So this business listing is number three in the Top 5 business ideas in Chennai. Which you can start with a low investment.

Coffee And Tea Shop

Coffee And Tea Shop business you can start not only in Chennai but in any big city. Because their craze is increasing in the present times. Yes, to open a shop for this you will need to invest a little more.

This is another good business opportunity in Chennai. And you can earn good money with the help of this business, because people in Chennai love to drink tea or coffee.

Most people in Chennai prefer to drink tea or coffee before going to work or returning from work. So you have a chance to make money from this business. There is a need to invest a little more in this business. But if you do not have the ability to invest more, open a small and attractive shop or mobile shop at the beginning.

You can then turn your small shop into a larger shop or restaurant as you wish. And can earn more. Due to such benefits, this business has been able to achieve 4th place in this list Top 5 business ideas in Chennai.

Business ideas of small hotel in Chennai

Starting a hotel in Chennai or any other city can be very expensive. But if you have land in a crowded place, you can do this business by building a hotel there. And the work of this business is also good. Because I already said that many tourists come to Chennai, and they will need a hotel to stay and dine.

Chennai has the quality commercial enterprise to begin any enterprise associated to food.

Who doesn’t desire to devour out of spicy food? You can appeal to greater and greater clients if you provide right exceptional meals in a small hotel.

Find out what humans like to consume more. Then encompass that object in your menu. There’s no want to add too many matters if you be aware of people’s tastes. This is one of the great enterprise possibilities in Chennai with low investment.

This business listing ranks fifth in Top business ideas in Chennai. And that was the last business idea of this article. Now this article ends here.

Final Words

In this article you have got information about top 5 businees ideas in Chennai. Which will be very helpful to you.

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