Top 10 sunglass brands in India 2021, price range, and all details

Hello friends, welcome to our website thetrendybusiness. In this article, we are going to give you information about the Top 10 sunglass brands in India.

Sunglasses are important in our lives because they are not just for fashion, they are for the protection of the eyes against the sun’s rays and dust particles. This is why it is so important to choose a good brand of the sunglass.

So I will give you complete information about the 10 best sunglass brands in India in this article so read this article very carefully and thoroughly.

So let’s start getting information about today’s topic Top 10 sunglass Brands in India without wasting much time. First, we need a list of all the brands then we will see all their information.

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List of top 10 sunglass brands in India 2021

NumberBrand nameCountry Origin
6CK JeansAmerican
8Joe BlackAmerican
10Flying MachineIndia

In this article we are going to get complete information about all the brands shown in the list above, so keep reading this article very carefully to get information.


Top 10 sunglass brands in India

It ranks first in the topic of our article. Ray-ban is Italian / American. The company was founded in 1936 by the American company Bausch & Lomb.

The company Bausch & Lomb sold the Italian eyewear conglomerate in 1999 for the US $ 640 million. Since then the company has been known as ray-ban.

Ray-ban is one of the most popular Wayfarer and Aviator models in the world. Which is preferred by millions of people.

So let’s see what variety of sunglasses have contributed to bringing this glasses company to first place in the top 10 sunglass brands in India.

Ray-ban was released by Achelon (Caravan) in 1950, which was a frame of glasses. Then in 1965 the Olympians I and II were introduced. The glasses became very popular after they were worn by Peter Fonda in the main role in the 1969 film Easy Rider.

The company introduced the Ray-Ban Clubmaster to the model line in 1980. This clubmaster series has brown framed glasses. And this series is the third category from the best-selling series.

The enterprise has additionally produced distinctive version lines, such as The General in 1987, bearing similarity to the unique aviators worn with the aid of General Douglas MacArthur in the course of the Second World War.

So this was the first brand in the top 10 sunglass brands in India 2021. If you have seen the information, now we are going to get information about another brand.

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Top 10 sunglass brands in India

Fastrack is a fashion accessory brand in India. The company launched the Titan watch company in 1998 as a sub-brand.

Then in 2005 Fastrack emerged as an independent brand targeting India’s urban youth and evolving fashion. After this, they started opening retail stores in India. The first store was started in 2009.

Fastrack is primarily a watch company although it also makes many other fashion-related products. Such as glasses, clothes, boots, etc. Even their glasses do not come in very good quality.

The company is headquartered in New Delhi, India. The CEO of Fastrack Company is Suparna Mitra. And Chiranewala is Head of Marketing.


Top 10 sunglass brands in India

This article ranks third in the list of Top 10 Sunglass Brands in India. This company is also an American company. The company sells spectacles at affordable prices for men, women, boys, and girls in India.

The glasses of this brand are cheap so everyone can buy them. And can protect their eyes from dust particles as well as sun rays. You can easily buy glasses from this company online as well as offline.

This company offers you all kinds of glasses like Aviator, Oval, oversized, rectangular, spectacle sunglass, sports or wrap around and wayfarer styles so you can buy any type of glasses from this brand.

The brand uses thermo fusion technology in its sunglasses to make distant objects look clearer and also makes polarized glasses to protect the eyes from the sun’s UV rays.


Top 10 sunglass brands in India

Velocity is another very popular and well-known brand. Which is an Indian brand. This brand also offers you very cheap and good quality glasses. Which styles and protects your eyes.

Velocity is a brand that tries to make something new and different every day for people, so people love their stylish framed sunglasses which is why this brand comes in at number four.

The search for these sunglasses for stylish frames is very high online and also gives good ratings. The brand’s own sunglasses are made using fiber, so the weight is very light, as well as it protects the eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Velocity brand glasses are very popular among the youth as they are colorful and have a modern look. And the economic range of this brand is very much preferred by the youth nowadays.

This brand is chosen for its reasonably priced and premium quality sunglasses, so if you are looking for a brand that offers you premium design sunglasses at a low price then Velocity brand is just for you.

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So now we will get information about the IDEE brand which is ranked fifth in the list of top 10 sunglass brands in India. This Indian brand is founded by Ronak in the 2000.

The sunglasses of this brand are much preferred by today’s youth as they are less expensive, stylish, and very light in weight. The brand has earned the status of bestseller across Amazon due to its great product.

The brand uses polarized glass in its glasses, which makes the item look clean and also enhances its quality.

The IDEE brand has a huge collection of sunglasses designs which is why people get all the stylish designs they want from this brand. And the price of sunglasses from this company is around Rs.1000 to Rs.3000.

So here we are got some information about idee which is at number five. Now let’s get some information about the number sixth brand.

CK Jeans

Ck jeans The company’s full name is Calvin Klein Jeans. The glasses of this brand are chosen equally by men and women. The brand is a bit expensive as the price of its original sunglasses starts from around Rs 4000.

The design of this brand of spectacles is also different from other spectacles, such as aviator, cat eye, oval, oversized, rectangular etc.

The brand ranks sixth in 10 best sunglass brands in India due to its high price, otherwise, the brand makes very good quality glasses and is also preferred by the people.

The Ck jeans brand uses only fully polarized glass to make their own sunglasses so that the company’s sunglasses can protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

You can choose glasses from this brand for fashion, for driving as well as for eye protection. Ck jeans brand sunglasses also come with light-colored shades to look very stylish. And it keeps sunglasses of all sizes.

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Oakley ranks seventh in the list of Top 10 Sunglasses Brands in India 2021. The glasses of this brand are very much preferred especially in sports and athletics. They also make fashion-related sunglasses with sports.

This Oakley comes first when it comes to polarized glass, as it makes polarized glass using the best technology. It also uses the latest technology when making frames.

Frames made with its latest technology are vintage frames, motorbike frames, or trendy frames. And it is also very popular among the people.

The sunglasses of this brand are very much preferred by the bikers. Because of the shape of this company’s sunglasses, it is such that it completely protects the eyes. And their strength is also very good.

Oakley comes with HD Vision. Which also protects the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. They also have impact absorbing frames and lenses available. Because of its strength, it does not break down.

Joe Black

Joe black has been one of the top 10 sunglasses brands since its inception, as it is one of the most popular and well-liked brands.

When good quality, stylish and trendy everything is wanted together, this brand is very much searched online and has a nice rating. Which is a very good thing.

This brand has a wide range of colors. It also comes with a polarized glass that blocks glare. And its sunglasses also protect your eyes from UV rays, so you avoid the risk of cancer.

The Joe Black brand has a huge collection of sunglasses designs making it easy for you to choose your favorite frame. And these glasses are also comfortable as they are very light.

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Gucci is the world’s leading brand in fashion accessories products, yet it ranks ninth in the list of Top 10 Sunglasses Brands in India in our article because it is very expensive in price.

The brand has a portfolio of powerful luxury, lifestyle, and sports sunglasses etc. products. The Gucci brand is well known for their premium, stunning Italian workmanship and attention to detail.

The Gucci brand is considered to be one of the most premium brands in India. It has the first choice of rich people because of its expensive spirit.

So now we are moving towards the end of this article, the next brand is the last brand of our article.

Flying Machine

As Flying Machine is a lesser known brand, our list is one of the last among the top 10 sunglass brands in India. This is a brand with a wide range of modern sunglasses.

One of the best things about a flying machine is that it has high-quality sunglasses and lenses. Along with this it comes with many different categories like Aviator, Wayfarer and many others.

The brand makes sunglasses for aviator, oval, oversized, rectangular, and many other styles for men and women. Ordinary people can choose it as their price is also very low. Its price range is around 600 to 2000 rupees.

The flying machine brand offers a variety of gradient, polarized and UV protection at such a low price. It is a good choice for driving, fashion and eye protection.

So here we complete this article. But don’t worry, we’ll get back to another article.

Final words

You can get complete information about Top 10 Sunglass Brands in India in this article. So I hope you find this article very helpful. However, if you have any questions regarding this article, you can ask by commenting in the comment box.

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