Top 10 Operating Systems for old pc & laptops, light and fast

Hello friends, welcome back to our website thetrendybusiness with a new article. In this article, you will find complete information about Top 10 operating systems for old pc & laptops.

An operating system is a software that acts as an interface between a computer’s hardware components and a user. A computer must have at least one operating system to run any software or program.

In short, the operating system is very important for the computer. So if you are looking for a light and fast operating system for an old pc or laptop, you are at right place now.

Firstly, we will get the complete information about what the operating system (OS) is and then we will go back to our main topic Top 10 operating systems for old pc. So let’s start the article without wasting too much time.

What is Operating systems (OS)?

Top 10 operating systems for old pc & laptops, light and fast

Operating systems are software that manages computer hardware and software resources. And a general service for computer programs. Time-sharing operating systems set a timetable for the system for many things like processor time, mass storage, printing.

The operating system also acts as an intermediary between applications and computer hardware in many hardware functions such as input, output, and memory allocation.

Operating systems are found in many devices such as supercomputers, laptops, computers, mobile phones, tablets, and gaming consoles. There are many different types of operating systems. The list is as follows.

  • Single-tasking and multi-tasking
  • Single- and multi-user
  • Distributed
  • Templated
  • Embedded
  • Real-time
  • Library

History about Operating systems

Earlier computers were built to perform stand-alone tasks like calculators. Basic operating system features were then developed in the 1950s, in which computers could run applications one after another to speed up their process.

Until 1980 the operating system did not exist in its original and complex form. After 1980, when personal computers (PCs) became very popular, operating systems began to come in their original and complex form.

So now let’s go back to the main topic of our article Top 10 operating systems for old pc & laptops and get information about it.

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List of Top 10 operating systems for old pc

First we will look at the list of operating systems covered in this article. And then we will get information about the operating systems one by one from the list.

  1. Chrome OS Forks
  2. Phoenix OS
  3. Slax
  4. Damn Small Linux
  5. Puppy Linux
  6. Tiny Core Linux
  7. Nimblex
  8. GeeXboX
  9. Vector Linux Light
  10. Linux lite os

All the operating systems shown above are included in this article. Now we will get complete information about the operating system one by one. With which you can choose a good operating system for your old PC.

Chrome OS Forks

Top 10 operating systems for old pc & laptops, light and fast

Chrome OS forks are known as chromium OS. This operating system is a free and open source operating system, Designed to run web applications and browse the World Wide Web (WWW). Which is developed by Google and distributed by Linux.

Like Chrome OS, Chromium OS is based on the Linux kernel. The interface is Chrome OS instead of Chrome OS. Chromium OS also includes Portage Package Manager, built primarily by Gentoo Linux.

This is because Chrome OS and Chromium OS provide an interface for a user using a web browser engine. They focus on web applications instead of desktop applications and Android applications.

Google first launched the source code for Chrome OS in 2009.

Phoenix OS

Top 10 operating systems for old pc & laptops, light and fast

Phoenix OS is the best operating system based on Android. Which is based on Android 7.0 and is the greatest and stable OS. This operating system is the best Android OS fork for desktop.

This operating system is a system that started with x86 support and has now expanded to 64-bit. Phoenix OS has become very popular because it has a task bar and start menu similar to Windows 10.

If you want to install this OS across a USB drive, you don’t have to worry because you can do it with the help of an installer.

Phoenix OS is one of the best operating systems for your older PC as it also runs on Intel dual core PCs. It provides minimal power and also offers the option of Windows operating system.

So this is the second number operating system, now let’s go ahead and get information about the third number operating system in the list of Top 10 operating systems for old PC & laptops.

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Slax OS is one of the Light operating systems that can be booted from external media. And there’s no need to install it on your hard disk or solid drive.

Slax OS is a Linux based operating system that uses minimal resources. Even though it is a Linux based OS you can download chat messenger like Pidgin and download manager like uGet.

Slax OS works easily in 32bit and 64bit processors. 32bit is used to run old pc easily like processor like Intel 486. It will run legitimately on sparkling out of the plastic new PCs as well.

It reflects the parameters of RAM. There is no such problem in 64bit. If you are aiming to use Slax os for a new pc you can go for 64bit for it. You can use slax os on a minimum i486 processor and on a processor with 256 ram.

So all this information was for slax os. Now we will see about the fourth operating system of the list Top 10 operating systems for old pc.

Damn Small Linux

Damn Small Linux is the fourth operating system in our article, about which you will see information and so that you can choose a best operating system for your old pc.

The DSL (Damn Small Linux) operating system is the most flexible OS, offering a size of about 60 MB and is smaller than all other Linux apocalypse operating systems.

DSL os runs on almost all computers. It is also helpful in dealing with servers like SSH / FTP. You can install DSL os using USB installation drivers and do not need to install it on hard drive or solid state.

This operating system requires a minimum i486 CPU and a processor with Intel or AMD with 64 MB RAM.

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Puppy Linux

We have reached the middle of our article which means we have seen 4 operating systems. Now we will see about 5 operating systems. And if you haven’t found the os of your choice I hope so now

Puppy linux is another very light operating system. And which comes fifth in the list Top 10 operating systems for old pc. Its minimal design can be run on any low end computer.

If you need a bootable USB of this operating system, it takes up about 100MB of space. And its file is also about 104 MB. Before this operating system you have to make a temporary boot through a DVD. You can then switch it to bootable USB.

For that you need to go to Menu in the operating system and select the Create Bootable USB option.

Thus basically Puppy Linux system brings your old pc back to work. The new 6.0x version image file is about 200MB in size. And which is available for 32 bit and 64 bit processors.

Tiny Core Linux

Tiny core Linux is the sixth operating system in our article. And it comes with 3 versions.

The first of the three versions of core linux is the lightest. Its size is about 11MB and the remaining two versions are Tiny Core and Core plus 100MB. The ui of his desktop is very simple. It only has certain icons that open user programs.

Type of core linuxInformation Size
Tiny CoreFor new users with a wired network connection, this is the recommended option. It comes with the Core operating system as well as a dynamic FLTK/FLWM graphical user interface16MB
Core (Micro Core Linux)is a stripped-down version of Tiny Core that lacks a graphical desktop, though additional extensions can be added to make a system with one.11MB
dCoreis a core that uses import and the SCE package format, a self-contained package format for the Tiny Core distribution since the 5.x series, and is made from Debian or Ubuntu compatible files.12MB
CorePure64 is a notable port of “Core” to the x86_64 architecture11MB
Core Plus“It’s an installation image, not a distribution,” says the author. Tiny Core is combined with additional features, the most notable of which are wireless support and non-US keyboard support.106MB
piCoreis the Raspberry Pi port of “Core”11MB

Nimblex Operating system

NimbleX is the seventh lightest and smallest operating system in our article.

this OS is a flexible operating system despite its small size. You can boot this operating system from CD, USB installer, network connection and hard drive and solid state.

And with that you don’t even need to install this operating system on your computer, so there is no need to run it even if you don’t have a hard drive across your computer. NimbleX You can also browse from web browsers like Firefox, Chome and Microsoft Edge.

You can use many features from the NimbleX operating system which are as follows. chat with your pals the usage of the Kopete multi-protocol IM application, down load torrents with Transmission, use DC ++, join remotely to different computers, and a lot more.


GeeXbox OS is a free and light media center preposed Linux distribution operating system. It is very effective in embedded devices and desktop computers.

The GeeXbox operating system is not an application, it is a complete operating system. You can boot it directly on Live-CD, USB installer, SD / MMC card and your hard drive as well as solid state.

This operating system gives you a ready-to-be-use and Plugin-to-play complete Media Center application so you can play multimedia content. It also includes state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best multimedia experience.

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VectorLinux Light

We are now heading towards the end of this article and this operating system is the ninth operating system in our list of Top 10 operating systems for old pc. If you haven’t chosen an operating system yet, these are just the last two OS from which you will need to choose one.

I can’t say that this operating system is light because it has a size of 600MB. The VectorLinux Light operating system is slightly larger in size than all other OS, as well as better in performance.

But this operating system runs smoothly even with 64MB. It also supports the standard version Pentium 200 and newer. There are many light OS like DSL and Puppy Linux in this article but you will be dissatisfied with it after a long time. But this operating system will provide satisfaction even after a long time.

Linux lite os

This operating system is the last but not least in our article. This operating system is streamlined linux operating system as its name suggests.

Thus a good operating system comes with many popular applications such as viewing videos there is VLC, Mozilla Firefox for browsing, and LibreOffice for dealing with documents.

The size of the Linux lite os is also a bit larger, between 900MB to 1GB. You can easily install it across 32 bit and 64 bit. Yes, this is also a large operating system compared to other operating systems from article.

Final words

So friends you have got some information about Top 10 operating systems for old pc & laptops in this article. Which will be very effective for your old PC or laptop.

Now I hope that the information in this article has been helpful to you and that you have chosen the operating system you want.

If you have any questions related to this article, you can definitely let us know by commenting in the comment box. And stay tuned to our website for similar helpful and informative articles.

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