Top 10 Biggest Dams in Gujarat in 2021

Hello friends, welcome to our website Forgive us if we make a mistake. We are going to get some information about the top 10 biggest and largest dams of Gujarat state within this article.

There are many dams in Gujarat so it is not possible to talk about all the dams in this article so we will only look at the top 10 biggest dams in Gujarat.

So let’s continue the discussion on the main topic of this article without wasting any more time. We will start today’s topic with the list of top 10 dams in Gujarat.

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Top 10 dams in Gujarat list

  • Sardar Sarovar Dam
  • Ukai Dam
  • Ajwa Dam
  • Dharoi Dam
  • Nayka Dam
  • Kamleshwar Dam
  • Sukhi Dam
  • Wellington Dam
  • Panam Dam
  • Dholidhaja Dam

As shown in the list above, we will get information line vise about the top 10 dams of Gujarat.

So let’s start today’s article top 10 dams in Gujarat from the first dam of the list.

Sardar Sarovar Dam

Sardar sarovar dam

This dam ranks first in the list of top 10 dams in Gujarat.

Sardar Sarovar Dam is built on the river Narmada flowing in the western part of India which is located in the state of Gujarat.

Type of damGravity dam
ImpoundsNarmada River
Height138.68 meters
Height (foundation)163 m (535 ft)
Length1,210 m (3,970 ft)
Spillway capacity84,949 m3/s (2,999,900 cu ft/s)

Sardar Sarovar dam project is a very important project to generate electricity from From a huge amount of water.

Sardar Sarovar dam can supply water and electricity to 4 major states of India (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan).

The Sardar Sarovar Yojana was inaugurated by Jawaharlal Nehru on April 5, 1961.

Official nameNarmada valley
LocationNavagam, Kevadia, India
Coordinates21°49′49″N 73°44′50″E
Construction beganApril 1987
Opening date17 September 2017
Construction cost₹.25 billion INR
Owner(s)Gujarat,Madhya Pradesh,Maharashtra,Rajasthan.

Ukai dam

Ukai dam in gujarat

Ukai dam is built around the Tapi river flowing in the Surat district of Gujarat state in India. The dam is located 94 kilometers from Surat city. The view of this dam reservoir is second only to Sardar Sarovar in Gujarat.

Ukai dam is also known as the Vallabh dam. The dam was built in 1972 for flood control, power generation, and irrigation.

The catchment area of about 62,255 km2 (km square) is the spread of water in about 52,000 hectares which makes it equal to the Bhakra Nangal Dam.

Official nameUkai Water Resources Project
LocationTapi district
Coordinates21°14′53.67″N 73°35′21.87″E
Construction began1964
Opening date1972
Construction costRs 1389.6 Million

The official name of this dam is Ukai Water Resources Project. The construction of this dam was started in the year 1964 and the work was completed and opened in 1972 at a cost of Rs. 1389.6 million.

Ukai Dam is built on the river Tapi flowing in Surat.

Ajwa dam

ajwa dam in gujarat

This dam is at number three in today’s list of top 10 largest dams in Gujarat.

Ajwa Dam is located about 10 miles from Vadodara city in the Gujarat state of India. Jagannath Sadashiv Hate, also known as Jagannath Sadashivji, was selected as the engineer to build the dam.

LocationVishwamitri river, Vadodara district, Gujarat
Coordinates22°22′30.4″N 73°23′6.4″E
Length5,000 m (16,000 ft)
Catchment area195 km2 (75 sq mi)

The Ajwa Dam was built by Sayajirao Gaekwad III, ruler of Baroda (Vadodara) in the early 20th century.

The main purpose behind building this dam was to provide water to the rich people of Vadodara. But the king made the dam 3 times bigger that could meet the water needs of 300,000 people.

The dam is 5 km long and can store water at an altitude of about 211 feet above sea level (This is taken as an overflow level).

The floor of the reservoir is about 196 feet. And it is connected to the Vishwamitra river flowing in Vadodara and when there is an overflow or flood situation, all the water is sent to the Vishwamitra river.

The dam has 62 gates. And when it is dry season, water is supplied from this dam to a branch canal of Sardar Sarovar.

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Dharoi Dam

Dharoi Dam

Dharoi Dam dam is a type of Gravity Dam and it is number four in today’s article top 10 biggest dams in Gujarat district list.

The dam is built on the Sabarmati river in Khelura taluka near Dharoi in Mehsana district in the northern part of Gujarat state of India. The dam has been constructed for irrigation and to generate electricity.

Official nameDharoi dam
LocationMehsana and Sabarkantha districts
Coordinates24°0′16″N 72°51′13″E
PurposeIrrigation & water supply
Construction began1971
Opening date1978
Construction costRs 960 Million

The official name of this dam is Dharoi dam. The dam is located in Mehsana and Sabarkantha districts of Gujarat state in India.

Construction of the dam began in 1971 and was completed in 1978. The construction of this dam has cost Rs 960 million.

The main purpose of construction of this dam is Irrigation & water supply.

Nayka Dam

Top 10 dams in Gujarat

Nayka Dam is located on the river Bhogavo near the Surendranagar district in the Indian state of Gujarat. This dam is a clay dam.

Nayka Dam is an earthen dam type dam and is the main source of water. This dam also helps in controlling floods.

Official nameBhogavo-I Water Resources Project
LocationGautamgadh, Sayla, Surendranagar District
Opening date1961
Construction costRs 75.03 Lakhs
Type of damEarthen

The official name of Nayka Dam is Bhogavo-I Water Resources Project. Which is located at Gautamgadh, Sayla, Surendranagar District, etc.

Irrigation is the main purpose behind building this dam. Rs. 75.03 lakh has been spent on its construction.

The dam was built in 1961 and was inaugurated at this time.

Kamleshwar Dam

Top 10 dam in gujarat

Kamleshwar dam is also known as “Hiran-1 dam“. The dam is built in the middle of the river Hiran flowing in Visavadar taluka of Gujarat state of India.

The size of Kamleshwar dam is 764 hectares.

Kamleshwar Dam is located in Gir Forest National Park. And this dam is built for irrigation purposes. The dam was completed in 1959.

Kamleshwar Dam is known for its crocodiles and local birds.

Official nameHiran-1 Dam
Coordinates21°11′54″N 70°39′44″E
Opening date1959
Spillway capacity1,034 m (3,392 ft)

The official name of Kamleshwar Dam is “Hiran-1 Dam“. Because it is built on the river Hiran. The dam is located around Vishavadar.

The Kamleshwar Dam was completed in 1959 and opened to the public.

The spillway capacity of Kamleshwar dam is 1,034 meters i.e. 3,392 feet.

Sukhi dam

Top 10 dam in gujarat

Sukhi Dam is a shallow type of dam. It is built on the Sukhi river near Dungarwat village in Vadodara district of Gujarat state of India.

The net purpose behind the construction of Sukhi Dam is to irrigate 31,532 hectares (77,920 acres) of 350 km long Nehruvada.

The Sukhi Dam was built between 1978 and 1987. The dam is an earth-fill type with a masonry spillway section.

Type of damEmbankment, earth-fill
LocationVadodara district
Coordinates22°26′20.7″N 073°52′56.5″E
Construction began1978

Sukhi Dam is of “Embankment, earth-fill” type. Which is located in Vadodara. The coordinates of this dam are 22 ° 26′20.7 ″ N 073 ° 52′56.5 ″ E.

Construction of the dam started in 1978 and was completed 9 years later in 1987. The dam was then opened to the public. The main purpose of the construction of this dam is irrigation.

Willingdon dam

Top 10 dams in gujarat

When we hear the name of Willingdon Dam, we think that this dam will be located in a foreign city. But this is not the case. The dam is located near the Datar hills in the Junagadh district of Gujarat state in India. And this dam is built on the Kalwa river.

The Willingdon dam was built when India was in slavery to the British. That is why it is named after the then Governor of India Marquess Willingdon.

Coordinates21°30′16.5″N 70°28′51.4″E
ImpoundsKalwa river

The famous temple of Saint Jamial Shah Datar is situated on those hills so these hills are also called the hills of Datar. This place is famous for becoming Hindu and Muslim. There are 2500 steps on these hills. And has an elevation of 847 meters.

Panam dam

Top 10 dams in gujarat

Panam dam is built on the river Panam. Which is located in Santrampur taluka of Mahisagar district in the state of Gujarat, India.

The Panam River is a tributary of the Mahisagar River. Which originates from Devag Baria taluka of Dahod district.

The Panam River merges with the Mahisagar River 25 km downstream of the Panam Dam.

LocationMahisagar district
Coordinates23°03′14.0″N 73°43′01.7″E
Construction began1971
Opening date1999
Construction costRs.128.57 Crore
Spillway capacity10,075 m3/s

Panam dam is located in Mahisagar district. Construction of the dam began in 1971 and was completed in 1999. The construction of this dam has cost Rs. 128.57 crores.

The spillway capacity of this dam is 10,075 m3 / s.

Dholidhaja Dam

Top 10 dams in Gujarat

Dholidhaja Dam is located in the urban areas of Dudhreja municipality near Surendranagar district in the state of Gujarat in India.

Official nameBhogavo-II (Wadhowan) Dam
LocationSurendranagar, Gujarat
Coordinates22°42′50″N 71°34′20″E
Opening date1959
Type of damEarthen
ImpoundsBhogavo River
Length3891 m

Dholidhaja Dam is the last dam of This article Top 10 biggest dams in Gujarat. The official name of this dam is Bhogavo-II (Wadhowan), Dam. Because it is built on the Bhogavo river.

Dholidhaja Dam is built in the Surendranagar district of Gujarat state. The dam was opened to the public in 1969.

Dholidhaja Dam is an earthen type dam. Which has a length of 3,891 meters.

The main purpose of constructing Dholidhja Dam is to provide drinking and utility water to 300,000 to 400,000 residents of Surendranagar, Wadhwan, Joravarnagar, and Ratanpar.

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