How to start Online Travel Agency: Startup Your Business

If you really understand and loves doing travel planning and help your near and dear ones to experience great travelling. Then you can think to start with a travel business or start online travel agency. They are growing and most demanding industries this time.

We have always heard that no one can buy happiness that is no true statements. “Travel is the just thing you buy that makes you happy“.

Becoming a travel agent can be fairly inexpensive, as business ventures go, and you can often get away with limited staff and little upfront cost.

But the question arises is how to do that all? As from where to start?

Here are our best tips for starting your online travel agency off to ground.

Step 1 : Find your Niche(How to start Online Travel Agency)

To know How to start Online Travel Agency. Firstly, you should find out your niche market which is an important aspect. One of the mistakes many new travel agency business owners make is they want to sell everything. In that way, they are inviting hard competition from everywhere. Therefore, Find out niche for your travel market.

What could be a niche for a travel agency? To find it out, you need to do comprehensive research. For example, if you research the market, you may come to know that some newly married couples prefer going backpacking. They do not want to spend their honeymoon days in a conventional and lazy way. Instead, they look for adventure destinations.

If you find that not many travel agencies are providing special travel packages to such couples, you can start doing so. That can be your niche. But do an extensive research.

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Step 2 : Create a plan for your travel agency business(How to start Online Travel Agency)

An effective business plan keeps you on the right track. It helps you in your endeavor to run the agency successfully. Business planning has various aspects such as company registration or business registration process and licencing.

Decide which type of travel you are interested in opening a business. For example if you are planning to start tour-based travel agent type of business there are many steps you must lead market research and find your niche know.

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What type of plan do you require?

Your business plan must include some key points. It should be based on your market analysis and sales strategies. And Make sure to mention your funding requirements.

If you don’t have much funding or savings for starting a travel business, you can look for sponsors or investor. Or you can take loan from bank. Your business description should be precise in the plan to you have a clear vision of your business goals.

If you have own saving that is nothing is secure and safe than that. A lean business plan will do wonders for business. Even if you do intend to pitch your business idea to lenders and investors, you can start with a Lean Plan, and flesh out the rest of the info later on.

Or, you can turn to LivePlan, which will help you simplify the planning process and give you options.

Step 3 : Brand your travel agency(How to start Online Travel Agency)

Branding is important for all types of businesses including your (online) travel agency. Branding is all about creating a perception of your company and the products or services it sells.

Make a catchy headline to attract customers on your websites or social media pages. Social Media marketing is a beneficial way to attract customers. Let people know that you can deliver a great experience which others can’t give.

Offer different and wonderful services like having a partnership with different local travel destinations, that customers don’t have. One of the effective ways to build a positive perception is to create high-quality visuals such as an impressive logo design. 

Design other items such as brochures, business cards etc. Make sure that colors and typefaces in all the visuals are the same for brand consistency. If you are able to convey your brand message successfully through these items, customers will think positively about your services.

Step 3 : Deal with the legal side(How to start Online Travel Agency)

As travel business does not require much licencing but to maintain a great brand name you must keep the point of legal formalities in mind.

You are not supposed to undergo any training, testing or qualification process. All you are required to do is to fill a simple form as far as the federal laws are concerned.

You will need some general licence like Tax information, Name your business, Register a trademark, Service tax registration, etc. Licensing requirements will vary by state and country.

Step 4 : Manage your Fundings(How to start Online Travel Agency)

When setting up an online travel agency, make sure that you have a funding strategy in place. Luckily, your starting costs should be fairly low: You won’t have expensive equipment to buy, and you probably won’t need extensive space in the beginning.

If you’re hoping to become a travel agent working out of your own home, you may not even need office space at all. 

Manage all the investment plans for online and offline marketing materials, also branding or advertising. If you want to work from home, probably your family members can support. But if you need a proper office and staff as well as online and offline marketing, you may have to apply for a bank loan.

Remember that you will need a lot of funds for marketing and create different promotional material. For example, website and social media promotion for online marketing and posters, headings, brochurs, business cards for offline marketing.

Step 5 : Choose a Great location(How to start Online Travel Agency)

Next, you’ll want to make a plan for the logistics of opening your travel business to the public. If you’re starting a travel agency and require office space, this section will likely be more relevant than if you plan to work as a travel agent out of your home. 

Choose a location where people gather frequently and your signboard is visible to the crowds from a good distance. If you cannot afford an expensive location, settle for the next be st convenient location. Remember that if your agency is at a good site, it is helpful in building a trustworthy brand image of a business.

Get connected to schools and colleges as they do require tour packages more and more. It should be suitable for future expansion.

Step 6 : Market and Start your travel agency(How to start Online Travel Agency)

Marketing will likely be where the majority of your initial funding budget goes, as it’s an important area to focus on when becoming a travel agent and starting new a travel business.

In fact, it’s a excellent idea to come up with a marketing plan as soon as possible. The marketing plan should contain all the necessary points.

  • Know Your Business
  • Determine Target Market
  • Analyze Competitors
  • Set Goals
  • Outline Strategies
  • Set a Budget
  • Get to Work

When these aims are achieved you are ready to start a business in set line. Don’t perform the mistake of assuming that all your advertising efforts should turn around paid to advertise, however,Lots of your focus must go into social media marketing.

Focus on Building Customer Relationships(How to start Online Travel Agency)

No business can thrive without paying attention without building a rapport with customers. Your travel agency must take steps to build up relationships with various individual customers who have used your agency or are likely to use in near future.

 For example, You should give information of new travel ideas and updates to older customers via SMS or E-mails. Train your staffs to treat your guests in vacations for their satisfaction.

If customer comes to you then give them option to get their problems solved quickly. You can also make videos for their travel level queries. Your Relationship with the customers decides the growth of your business so take care of it !!

Improve your online Business(How to start Online Travel Agency)

Your travel agency must be visible to customers when they type keywords to find similar web agencies on the web. This is called search engine optimisation (SEO) of a website. If site does not apeear on top search results, most customers will not bother to find more sites. Simply, they will click on top ranking sites.

Therefore, Optimise your travel website so that it ranks higher. First requirement to optimise your site is to have perfect web designs. This means keywords should be inserted to right place into content.


At each stage of the travel business build, you need to consider that what is making you different from others. There are not many other competitors competing for the same space.

When you start a offline or online travel agency, you need to take care of its lot of aspects. Know your niche, prepare a business plan, acquire funds, find out a nice location, and build customer relationship and other things along with legal permission.

Top Travel Agencies in India(How to start Online Travel Agency)

In case you think of getting your trip planned by somebody else, and want somebody more trustworthy than uncles and friends and well yourself, then here are a few agencies and tour operators that will help you majorly!

Need to know

why start a travel agency

“Travel is the just thing you buy that makes you happy.” The owner of a travel agencycan work from anywhere in the world to provide their clients with tailor-made vacations that meet their exacting standards.
Plus, the travel industry is continually expanding—which provides unprecedented opportunities for travel agents who want to feel the world at their feet. Online travel agency contains websites also.

What is purpose of travel agencies?

A travel agents main function is to act as a agent and sell travel products on behalf of suppliers. For example pre booked hotel rooms or cabins for a event such as honeymoon, marriage etc , provide travel vehicles to customers etc.

Is it worth using travel agency?

Yes, it is if you are doing very costly or complex trip or something fancy or travelling with a large group. Then you should use travel agencies and they’ll manage everything you just have to do is enjoy and relax. In conclusion you can say that they offer peace of mind.

What skills are needed for a travel agent?

As a travel agent you must have good communication skills because it helps you very much to communicate with your customers.You should also have active listening skills, desire to help people, ability to sell products, administration skills etc.

How travel agencies make money?

Most of the travel agencies make money mainly from service fees, Private fees, Hotel booking commissions, Airline commissions etc. While most of airline tickets don’t pay commissions.

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