Multimedia Artists and Animators Career | Job Description

Multimedia artists and animators create two and three-dimensional models, images that appear to move, and visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other forms of media.

Duties of multimedia artist and animators

Multimedia artist typically do the following:

  • Use computer programs and illustrations to create graphics and animation
  • Work with a team of animators and artists to create a movie, game, or visual effect
  • Research upcoming projects to help create realistic designs or animation
  • Edit animation and effects on the basis of feedback from directors, game designers, or clients
  • Meet with clients, other animators, directors, and other staff to review deadline and development timelines

Multimedia artists and animators often work in a specific medium. Some of them focus on creating animated movies or video games. Others create visual effects for movies and television shows. Creating computer-generated images may include taking images of an actor’s movements and then animating them into three-dimensional characters. Other animators design scenery or backgrounds for locations.

Firstly, artists and animators can further specialize in these fields. Within animated movies and video games, artists often specialize in characters or in design. Moreover, video game artist may focus on level design: creating the look, feel, and layout of video games.

Basic About Artist and Animator

Some multimedia artist and animators create their work primarily by using computer software or by their own computer code. However many animation companies have their own computer animation software that artists must learn to use. On the other hand video game designers also work in a variety of platforms, including mobile gaming and online social networks.

Many multimedia artist and animators put their creative work on the internet. If the images become popular, these artists can gain more recognition. Which may lead to future employment or freelance work

For more information about basics: Basic of Artists & Animators

Work Environment

Multimedia artist and animators held about 71,600 jobs in 2018. The largest employers of multimedia artists and animators were such as:

  • Self-employed workers (59%)
  • Motion picture and video industries (12%)
  • Computer systems design and related services (6%)
  • Software publishers (5%)
  • Advertising, public relations (3%)

Most multimedia artist and animators work a regular schedule; however, when deadline are approaching, they may need to work nights and weekends.

Top 3 multimedia animator jobs

  • Audio/visual Animator with security clearance
  • Lead 2D animator
  • Multimedia Designer

Above all are the main jobs for career in animation

Education and Training of Multimedia artist and Animators

In this paragraph, I am going to discuss about education and training of artists. Most multimedia artists and animators need a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics and related fields. In conclusion, the importance of this degree is to develop both an impressive portfolio of work and strong technical skills.

Bachelor’s degree programs in art include courses in painting, drawing, and sculpture. Degrees in animation often require classes in drawing, animation, and film. Many schools have specialized degrees in topics such as interactive media or game design.

Top 5 institutes in India :

  1. IIT Guwahati, Mumbai
  2. Jagaran Institute of management and mass communication, NOIDA
  3. Arena Animation Academy
  4. Integrated Management College, New Delhi
  5. Pran’s Media, New Delhi

Above all are the best institutes in india for education of multimedia artist and animator

Advancement for Multimedia Artists and Animators

Artists and Animators who show strong teamwork and also time-management skills can advance to supervisory positions. Where they are responsible for one aspect of a visual effects team.

Some artists might advance to leadership or directorial positions, such as an art director or a producer or director. Skills in graphics and animation can be honed through self-study. Multimedia artists and animators can develop these skills to enhance their portfolios, Which can make it easier to find job opportunities.

Important qualities for Artists and Animators:

  • Artistic talent
  • Communication skills
  • Computer skills
  • Creativity
  • Time-management skills

Salaries of Artists & Animators

The median annual wage for multimedia artists and animators is $75,270. However the lowest 10 percent earned less than $40,250, and the highest 10 percent Earned more than $1,39,940.

In conclusion median annual wages for multimedia artist and animators in the top industries in which they work are as follows:

  • Motion picture and video industries -$86,260
  • Software publisher -$80,280
  • Computer systems design and related services -$71,900
  • Advertising, public relations, and related services -$70,500

Firstly, the employment of multimedia artists and animators is projected to grow 4% over the next 10 years. Projected growth will be due to increased demand for animation and visual effects in video games, movies, and television. Job growth may be slowed, however, by companies hiring animators and artists who work overseas.

Career related to Artists and Animators

  • Art director: Art directors are responsible for the visual style and images in magazines, newspapers, and many more. They create the overall design of a project and direct others Who develop layouts.
  • Computer programmers: Firstly, Computer programmers write and test code that allows computer applications and software programs to function properly. Secondly, they turn the program designs created by software developers into instruction that computers can follow.
  • Craft and fine Artists: Craft and fine artists use a variety of materials and techniques to create art for sale and exhibition. They create handmade objects such as pottery, glassware, textiles, and other objects.
  • Film and video editors and camera operators: Film and video editors and also camera operators manipulate moving images that entertain or inform an audience.
  • Graphic designers: They develop the overall layout and production design for various applications such as advertisements, brochures, and corporate reports.
  • Producers and directors: Producers and directors create motion pictures live theater, commercials, and other performing art productions. They also interpret a writer’s script for their audience.
  • Web designer: Web designer design and create websites. They are responsible for the look of the site. They are also responsible for the site’s technical aspects. Such as its performance and capacity, Which are measures of a website’s speed and how much traffic the site can handle.

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Multimedia artists and animators gain inspiration from the world around them. So if you are worried you are not creative enough, go outside, bounce ideas off your peers, or seek ideas from the internet. Hope this article can help get your creative juices flowing.

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