How to Make Money from Photography Online

You’ve known for the art of photography and your skills in photography or editing. But now you are looking for, “How to make money from photography online?” Even if you are not an expert in that field yet, you can earn easily some cash from photography. Because photography is a really mind-blowing art and field to generate good revenue. So, let’s start.


To sum up, as no doubt you are aware of “what is photography?”. To be honest, photography is an enjoyable hobby. I admire photography and similar activities. We all select to sight a good image and we are the ones who click their terrific photo. We can say that Photography is an amazing hobby and profession too. And also, you can roam in different regions, places, areas.

Here, we give you some ideas for making money from photography online. Read it carefully.

Sell Your Art of Photography Online

If you are thinking of selling your photographs online, yes you are right. frankly, nowadays there are many ways and websites available online to buy your photographs. And also, they will give you a worthy price according to the quality and content of your photo of your photographs. So, This much more calculates on the quality, genre, content of the images:-

  • Art photography e.g.: via art photography or art galleries online portals
  • Amazing amateur, nature, portraits, e.g.: via your own blog site or dedicated photography portals.
  • Travel photography, advertising, journalistic, e.g.: via photo stock photo companies and agencies

It really, really depends on the quality of the works you did. And very necessary if you have a unique point of view since you have to compete with thousands of photographers with a lot of skills.

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Sell your Photographs as Print and Art Works

In short, this is the easiest way to sell your photos online. With the photos you already have, you can start selling those photos also. there are some websites available online to buy your photo and then give you some worthy price for your photos. Below, you can see the list of some of the best websites to sell your photographs online.

You can sell your photos either to companies or on the stock website such as:

photographer, photo, woman, make money from photography
  • iStock
    • Royalty-free images, Stock photos & videoclips
  • Crestock
    • Vector illustrations & Royalty-free images
  • Shutterstock
    • Stock Photos, Royalty-Free Images, and Vectors
  • Fotolia 
    • Free photo, videos, vectors – Sell and buy royalty-free images
  • Photofolio
    • Stock Photography | Stock Photos | Photofolio
  • Fotosearch
    • Stock Footage Video Clips, Illustrations, and Royalty-Free Images,
  • BigStock
    • Stock Videos, Footage – Stock Vectors, Images, Photos
  • Alamy
    • Stock Photos, Stock Images & Vectors

So, these are the top websites in the market today where you’re most likely to sell photographs.

Sell Your Photographs as Merchandise

Really, there are so many things you can use as a platform for retailing your photographs, for example:

  • T-shirts – You can sell your product to any fashion designing company. and if your photos have such quality to mix with T-shirt fashion then it will really work for you.
  • Laptop and Phone Cases – In this trending fashionable world, we all want some cool and unique cases to show off. this is how your images can generate some amount of money.
  • Greeting cards and Business cards – In some cards, some photos increase the coolness of the card and representing it more effectively.
  • Etc, there are uncountable ways to sell your photos. it depends on your imagination.

So, this is how to make money from photography online.

Sell Stock Photographs

I know, now you have a question in your mind that “Is selling stock photos still give benefit nowadays when there are a lot of websites that offer free images?”.

how to make money from photography online

And the answer is big yes. Yes, you can sell stock photos. so, let’s take this opportunity and make money from photography online.

Why not you think of it this way: it’s better to sell them as stock photos and generate additional money by doing it rather than having your really huge collection hidden in your hard drive,. There are many websites for example you can use to sell your work like photos, among them are  Shutterstock,  500pxiStockphoto, Dreamstime, AlamyPhotoShelterFotolia, and EyeEm.

There are some important tips to acive success in it.


  • Be careful when you are selecting keywords. – Select a specific, relevant keyword that describes your photo.
  • Sell a series of images with a specific color scheme or series of similar images – Buyers must need a choice while they are buying images.
  • Make sure you Removed all visible product logos or brands in your photos before selling it
  • Lastly, make sure the quality of the photo must high.

Become a Online Teacher of Photography

If you have enough skills in photography, then you can sell your photography skill as an online teacher. This is a really amazing way to earn from photography. In today’s world online learning becoming more and more popular. you should take this opportunity if you have the art of photography. Also, you can teach editing on photoshop, and lightroom and make money from photography online.

You can create and launch your course on many online learning platforms.

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Start a Blog

If you are already a Blogger, or you aren’t but sharing your photography knowledge, skills, tips, ideas, editing tips, photoshop tips is a good way to start blogging.

Also, you can sell your photos to some popular bloggers. And generate some additional revenue by selling your photographs. If one of your hobby is traveling then you should think about nature and traveling photography. you can also become a traveller and photography blogger. But having some photography or editing skills is enough to start a blog.

There are uncountable topics for publishing on your blog. Here, we are providing a few ideas to get your thinking in the correct direction of blogging:

Ideas for Starting a Blog:-

photography, nature, make money
  • Photography Camera reviews (also you can do affiliate marketing)
  • About Photography “how-to” guides on photography
  • Share some tips and tricks
  • Give editing software tutorials
  • If you are a traveler then share Travel photography stories

And many other ideas available. You have to think in creative way.

Offer Photo Editing and Retouching Service

If you have enough experience in editing photos and favor the creation of the idea of working from home or studio then, this is really a great side job for you. 

With just a computer or laptop and editing tools, you can do this work from anywhere in the world. Lightroom and Photoshop, depending on the requirement of editing photos. In this, you can earn money working from your home.

Where to get the work: FiverrUpworkFreelancer.

Enter Photography Competitions

There are many competitions arranged for photography in today’s trending world. The matter is you must have a skill of photography and perfect editing skills. Competitions are organized in different types of photography. therefore you have become the best in any one or many specific types of photography or editing.

Getting to Participate in the photography contest is a great opportunity for photographers to get famous and become popular from around the world. If you’re a professional photographer, student, or an amateur hobbyist, photography contests provide the perfect platform to represent your skills.

The best photography contest in the world are:

iPhone photography award
All about photo awards
Olympus global photo award
Zeiss photography award
RHS photographic competition
Mono visions photography awards
Breda photo
1Xphoto awards
Istanbul photo awards
Nikon small world competition

How to Start a career and make money in Photography?

Select your Type:-

There are many different areas of specialization with professional photography. Maybe you do any and all of them but you may see that to start out professionally, you will not be a master in every type of photography to the extent that you need to be to charge people.

Improve your Skills:-

If there’s an area you want to work in but you are not really good in that field so, study it, Keep practicing that, Keep reading, And set yourself “assignments and a lot’s of work” on different of that, Make sure you have to keep doing it till you feel confident you can walk into a professional assignment and finish it successfully.

Start Something Small:-

If you are not able to find someone wanting to take you on as an assistant or second shooter or if there is a photography club nearby where you can take the benefit of other people’s experiences and skills, connect up quickly. Don’t hesitate to do small work.

Keep Upgrading your Skills:-

And also, after getting knowledge about the technical side of photography and digital technology. You must need to know how to solve the problem, work with others, and understand the jargon, work to specifications. What are color spaces, profiles, what is ICC, what are various resolutions good for, how to process images, how to edit them in different ways, etc, etc, etc – lots of, etc’s you have to learn.

Lastly, you have to keep doing hardwork and you have to keep upgrading your photographic skills.

In the end, Hope this post is very helpful for you and your career. Well, I hope this guide helped you to understand Photography as a business. If you have additional questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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