List of Top 10 Best Professional Hackers in India | 2021

Hello friends, Welcome back to In today’s article, we will learn about Who are the top 10 best professional hackers in India? or Who is the best hacker in India?.

We’ve made depth research to make this list of Top 10 best Ethical Hackers in India. Some of them are famous across the world. This post will help you to figure out the Best Indian Hackers in the world.

When we listen to “hacking” word the first thought comes to mind that it is something illegal. But ethical or white hat hackers use their skills for something good cause like finding security bugs and fixing them.

It requires expertise, concentration, and the most brilliant of minds to become hackers and to breach into systems silently overruling all their top-notch salient manifestations. Here are some of such top 10 professional hackers in India who are sought after by people even around the world.

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List of Top 10 Best Professional Hackers in India

1. Vivek Ramachandran  

Vivek Ramachandran is one of the best professional hackers in India. He is a world-renowned security researcher and evangelist.

Vivek Ramachandran is an expert In computer and network security, exploit research, wireless security, computer forensics, embedded systems security, compliance, and e-Governance. 

He came to the limelight as a founder of in alumni of IIT Guwahati. It is a free video-based computer security education portal.

He is a renowned security researcher and the Founder, CEO of Pentester Academy. You can find his work in some famous reports like BBC online, InfoWorld, MacWorld, The Register, IT World Canada, etc.

Vivek is one of the 2006 winners of the Microsoft Security Shootout Contest. He is the author of the books – “Wireless Penetration Testing using Backtrack” and “The Metasploit Megaprimer”, both books were up for worldwide release in 2011.

Vivek Saved a number of companies from cyber-attacks and also working with governmental organizations. Moreover, He is the man behind the creation of Chellam, the world’s first wi-fi firewall.

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2. Benild Joseph

benild joseph biography

Benild Joseph is a Security Researcher, TEDx Speaker, Author, Renowned White Hat Hacker and Limca Book Record Holder with definitive experience in the field of computer security in India.

Currently, Benild Joseph is a President of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), India Chapter, and also the Advisory Board Member of Cyber Security Ventures. He is also a former director of the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau, New Delhi

He is profiled in “Hacking the Hacker” — a book written by Roger Grimes along with Bruce Schneier, Kevin Mitnick, Mark Russinovich, and World’s best white hat hackers. Benild Joseph is also listed among the Top 10 Best Ethical Hackers in India by Microsoft Social Forum and Silicon India Magazine.

He was a speaker at The APWG Vienna Symposium on Global Cybersecurity Awareness Messaging at the United Nations. He is working with various companies, law enforcement agencies, and governmental organizations.

His hacking skills have now led him to be also the Chief Executive Officer for the “TH3 ART OF [email protected]“ – an international IT security project collaborated with the Indian government.

By all these skills Benild Joseph takes place in the list of Top 10 best ethical hackers in India.

3. Ankit Fadia 

ankit fadia india's best hacker

Ankit Fadia is a speaker, television host, Indian author, and self-proclaimed “BLACK HAT hacker” of computer systems, whose skills and ethics have been debated

Ankit’s work mostly involves OS and networking based tips and tricks, proxy websites, and making people think that he is a hacker. 

His self claims about how he has successfully hacked numerous websites to appropriately address security claims have been waived off by security and cryptography experts. 

In 2008, Ankit started a television show on MTV India called “What The Hack”, which he co-hosted with José Cavaco. In what the hack show Ankit gave tips on how to make good use of the Internet and answered people’s technology-related questions.

He started a YouTube show Geek On the Loose, in collaboration with PING networks, where he shared technology-related tips and tricks.

Ankit Fadia is the man behind the book “Unofficial guide” to ethical hacking, which he wrote at the mere age of 14.

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4. Sunny Vaghela 

sunny vaghela best hacker in india

Sunny Vaghela is an Ethical Hacker and Indian Entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of Techdefence Labs.

He is among the high profile information security and cyber crime consultants. Sunny Vagela helped to trace the terror emails in the Ahmedabad serial bomb blasts to help the anti terrorist squad during the 26/11 bombings.

At the age of 18, He exposed threats like SMS and call forging. The terrific personality of Sunny has helped in creating awareness about cyber crime and information security.

Vaghela has time and again employed his credentials to help address security concerns. Even in helping financial institutions, E-Commerce, logistics industry, and media to help secure themselves against cybercrime.

Sunny has mastered the art of cracking codes and extracting information from servers based in different locations. He gave the exact time and locations to the police department helping them in solving several cyber criminal cases.

At the age of 18, Sunny found many loopholes in SMS & VoIP Technology. He found loopholes like “session hijacking” & “cross-site scripting” on popular social networking websites at the age of 19.

Sunny Vaghela has been awarded by Rajiv Gandhi Young Achievers Award as an IT Expert of Gujarat in the year 2007. With all these skills, Vaghela definitely counts among the top 10 best professional hackers in India.

5. Falgun Rathod 

falgun rathod best indian hacker

Falgun Rathod (born 18 December 1990) is a well-known cyber security speaker, ethical hacker, social engineer, and entrepreneur from India.

He owns a membership in many open source security communities. Falgun Rathod spoke at India’s oldest and biggest cyber security conference Clubhack in 2012.

He is the founder and mentor at BugsXploration – India’s biggest bug bounty challenge. Falgun is known for his Hack into Asia’s Largest and Secured E-Governance Website, i.e. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

Rathod also is an invited member at the ICTTF (International Cyber Threat Task Force) and the CSFI (Cyber Security Forum Initiative) for his exceptional hacking talent.

Falgun’s Company Cyber Octet awarded as India’s top 25 promising cyber security companies of India. He is the first Indian to be featured on the cover page of the security magazine PENTEST.

He has many International Certifications such as USCERT and UNDSS and acknowledge by the Indian Government. 

For his great talent and hard work, he is listed in the top ten cyber cops of India by India Today and one of the top ten ethical hackers of India by Silicon India Magazine.

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6. Anand Prakash   

anand prakash best professional hacker in india

Anand Prakash is an Indian security engineer and Bug bounty program Hunter, currently working for flipkartBorn and brought up in Bhadra, a small town in Rajasthan, India.

He is a Bangalore-based ethical hacker who was featured in the Forbes’ 30 under 30 Asia list of Asia 2017. Prakash began his career as a security engineer in Flipkart and rose to bag second position in Twitter’s 2015 bug bounty list in the world.

In 2015, Facebook awarded him USD 15,000 as a bounty for logging in without an account. He received US $5,000 from Uber for booking a free ride and USD 4,700 from Tinder.

Anand Prakash also participated in bug bounties for GitHub, Nokia, SoundCloud, Dropbox, and PayPal. He worked with cyber crime Gurgaon police to help them in solving cyber cases.

He reported a loophole in which could have leaked data of 62.5 million users. Anand Prakash was awarded the best student award by VIT university.

“The Bounty Hunter: This 22-year-old Flipkart employee is worth Rs 1.3 crore!”

By all these qualities you can understand why he is among the Top 10 Best professional hackers of India.

7. Koushik Dutta  

kaush dutta indian hacker

Koushik Dutta, better known as “Koush” to the Android power user community. He interned with Microsoft and left his job to work on the security of android phones. Koushik Dutta made big news when he turned down a job offer from tech giant Sony.

Koushik Dutta is the founder and owner of the software company named ClockworkMod. It develops various software products for Android smartphones and tablets.

The company is primarily known for its custom recovery image, ClockworkMod Recovery, which is used in many custom ROMs.

Koush has made some other tools like ROM Manager, ClockworkMod Tether, and DeskSMS. All these qualities give him one place in the list of 10 Best Indian Hackers.

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8. Pranav Mistry  

pranav mistry biography

Pranav Mistry is a computer scientist and inventor. He is the President and CEO of STAR Labs (Samsung Technology & Advanced Research Labs) since October 2019.

Pranav Mistry is best known for his work on SixthSense, Samsung Galaxy Gear, and Project Beyond. His research on SixthSense was awarded the 2009 Invention Award by Popular Science.

Pranav was also named to the MIT technology ReviewTR35 as one of the top 35 innovators in the world under the age of 35.

He invented some technologies like Mouseless – an invisible computer mouse, Sparsh – a novel way to copy-paste data between digital devices, Quickies – intelligent sticky notes that can be searched, located and can send reminders and messages, Blinkbot – a gaze and blink controlled robot, A pen that can draw in 3D, and a public map that can act as Google of the physical world.

He was listed as one of the 37 Indians of Tomorrow by India Today. Pranav Mistry was also honored as Young Global Leader 2013 by World Economic Forum.

9. Trishnit Arora 

trishneet arora life story

Trishneet Arora is the founder and CEO of TAC Security, an IT security company. He has written books on cyber security, ethical hacking, and web defense. 

He was named in Forbes 30 Under 30 2018 Asia list and Fortune (magazine) 40 Under 40 2019 List of India’s Brightest Business Minds. Pranav has been awarded as “Entrepreneur of the Year” 2020 by the Entrepreneur (magazine) in the Security Services Category.

He has received funding from angel investor Vijay Kedia and support from former VP of IBM, William May. In 2017. Arora was listed among the 50 Most Influential Young Indians by GQ Magazine.

Pranav helps the Punjab and Gujarat police in investigating cyber crimes, for which he has conducted training sessions with officials. The Mayor of Santa Fe, New Mexico proclaimed August 25th as the Trishneet Arora Day.

TAC company mainly provides vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services. He also received Punjabi Icon Award in 2015 and a State Award from the Chief Minister of Punjab on the 65th republic day.  

There is one biopic also made on story of Trsihneet Arora named ‘Cyber Yoddha‘ released in 2019.

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10. Rahul Tyagi

rahul tyagi biography

Rahul Tyagi, the Vice President of cyber security venture Lucideus is one of the top 10 hackers in India. He is an expert in cyber security training.

Lucideus was introduced in IIT Bombay in 2012. While in his final year of engineering, Saket Modi, and co-founders Vidit Baxi and Rahul Tyagi started Lucideus as a cyber-security training venture.

They made a tool named SAFE. It is a cyber risk quantification (CRQ) tool that enables an enterprise to measure and mitigate its cyber risk in real-time. 

Tyagi is one of the leading ethical hacking trainers in the country with over 200 training sessions. His hacking skills led him to emerge as a skilled dealer of vulnerabilities on websites that are reputed and harbor immense confidentiality.

Tyagi has penned two books based on his trade namely Hacking Crux 1 and Hacking Crux 2. Moreover, he is known as “Blackberry Hall of Fame” due to their contributions to the organization.

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