100% Legit & Highest Paying PTC Sites Without Investment in India

Want to earn extra money from an online platform without any investment? Today in this article I will discuss with you about some 100% legit & Best Highest paying PTC sites without investment in India.

Now a days we all know earn money by online platform is very trending. Online work from home income strongly recommends PTC sites as the number 3 option to earn money online.

PTC sites also very useful to earn money online because in this you can earn money from anywhere in the world. No Cost to join this sites.

It will cost you nothing to investigate and many more if you miss out. If you have computer/mobile and internet access, you can work from anywhere and anytime.

Also, everybody can easily make the most out of this work! Commitment and dedication are also important with patience and your smart work.

PTC Sites is a proven online job opportunity that has consistently been paying steady income to thousand of people.

Let’s move to basics of Best highest paying PTC site without investment in India

What are PTC (Paid to Click) Sites?

Firstly, Let me know about full form of PTC Sites PTC means ‘Paid to Click’.

PTC websites are advertising companies. That Companies pay cash for viewing advertisements online. It’s the best, easiest and the most comfortable way to earn money from home without any investment.

This work is a successful business model that’s so popular in all over the world.

No investment or any money required for registration in PTC sites. Also there is no any age restrictions at all. Getting started is very simple and easy. Also most of the newbies don’t need any guidance or instruction to follow.

Very simple work, For example simply signup and login to your account, click ads, complete surveys, watch ads every day, and get paid. Advertisers pay for publicity of their ads and you as a member get credited for watching them.

Now there are thousands of PTC sites available on internet but we suggests the best and highest paying PTC sites without any investment in India. Also we suggests proven PTC sites that have been paying legitimately for years.

Let’s talk about the benefits of PTC sites…

What are the benefits of Joining PTC Sites?

If we Talk about joining, then these are the features and advantages of this job:

  • Free registration
  • No investment require
  • You can work from anywhere, any time
  • No technical skills and also no any certificate require
  • User- friendly
  • Start earning money from first day
  • Multiple income source
  • Home based work
  • Easy registration
  • No age restriction
  • No learning curve

We all know every online business needs a setup to work on it. So Best & Highest paying PTC sites without investment in India also have some requirements:

  • A personal computer/mobile with internet connection
  • Your personal Gmail account
  • One Bank account
  • Account on online payment processor like PayPal & Payza
  • Pan card (If you are indian)

I recommends you some terms & conditions:

  • Just only one account per computer and IP (Multiple accounts will be deleted from sites)
  • Only direct internet connection allows (no proxy, VPN, VPS connection allowed)

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How to register in PTC sites?

For signing up, you need to complete a registration form on every PTC site and also There is a need to confirm your email address.

Thetrendybusiness recommends only a few highest paying PTC sites without Investment in India because we always check before link a site here. So do not worry and also you will get paid for sure.

After you register successfully, you will be able to login to your site account dashboard. In which you can view all advertisements and also participate in all surveys. there is also many offers and tasks available for you.

Your income will be credited to your account instantly after viewing the ad. It is also important to note that number of ads available to view keeps varying day by day.

Note: Do Not use Adblock in your web browser otherwise you won’t be able to see an ad. So check your browser setting, if you find adblock then disable or removw it and restart your computer.

Clock all ads turn by turn and remember to keep the page in focus till the timer finishes running. After then you will get paid.

How will I Get Paid and what’s the minimum payout of PTC sites?

Many PTC sites are headquartered in Europe and North America so that pay through reliable e-commerce payment system Paypal and Payza.

In online work, it’s impossible to send money from bank to bank. However common trend is to pay conveniently via digital payment system.

If you have doubt firstly, guess if companies don’t make electronic cash-outs then how can their online business survive?

That’s why most of companies use electronic payment system. You can easily send, withdraw and receive your money any time with the help of online payment service providers.

firstly, you will need to register an account with PayPal and Payza. Once you have the amount in your PayPal/Payza account, you can also transfer in to your bank account.

It is also important to note that payment threshold is different for each site like $5 to $10. once you reach min cash-out you can request a withdrawal to your account.

Many sites transfer cash instantly to the requested payment mode while some pay in a week or two- three working days. So don’t be panic your money is safe and very secure.

List of Best Highest paying PTC sites without Investment in India

Now, let’s take a look at some of the highest paying PTC sites without investment that we have for increase our earning.


ptc sites Neobux
Source: https://www.internetically9.com/

Neobux is the chief PTC site. It is one of the most reliable and trustable sites. There are many ways to earn money from this site. You can also earn money nearly $100-200 per month from this site.

If you want to earn some extra income, you can also earn money by clicking on ads daily, participating in surveys, and also by playing games. Neobux gives you up to $0.02 per ad that you view and also gives up to $0.01 per referral click.

For your kind information, Neobux pays daily over 100k$ to their customers who visit their websites. you can receive youe earning by Skrill, NETELLER, Payza, Trustwave.

Pros of Neobux

  • Well Managed site
  • Instant payment system
  • Free service in all over the world
  • Wide range of earning
  • referral system
  • Multiple sources of income
  • Unlimited referrals

Cons of Neobux

  • Many complaints about the rented referral system
  • Many strict forum rules

Clixsense (Now Ysense)

Clixsense now ySense

If you are searching for legit & highest paying PTC sites without investment in India Then ClixSense (Ysense) is the best option for you. ySense is a global online community in which you can earn money by many ways.

Go for registration and start earning with cash offers, completing tasks from home, online surveys and also make some extra income with the referrals you make.

Earn more money for participating in free paid surveys that exert influence on the next generation of products, services, etc.

Also get a high amount of money for attempting new products and services, signing up their websites, watching videos, and many more. Earn some bonuses and participate in their weekly contest through this PTC site.

Finally, Keep sharing and promoting ShareSence with your family and friends. After then watch your growth of earning in minimum time. You will get 30% of what your referrals make!

We recommend ySense is the Best PTC site without investment for you.read ySense full review in India for all information.

Pros of ySense

  • ySense is free to join
  • Agreeable PTC site
  • Multiple methods for your income
  • Earn up to $25 per day
  • Unlimited referrals

Cons of ySense

  • No instant Payments available
  • High payment threshold in this


PrizeRebel PTC site

PrizeRebel is also one of the best & highest paying PTC sites without investment in India to earn coin to make some money. In this particular site, you earn coins and make a chance to get $1 for every 100 coins.

similar to all site also in this you can earn through paid surveys, offerwalls, watching videos and other simple types of tasks. Apart from this you also get paid by reffles, contests & Lucky members.

PrizeRebel gives you 20% of your referral points for lifetime. You get your money via PayPal, Bitcoin, and Gift cards.

Pros of PrizeRebel

  • Minimum payout of only $2
  • Quality of surveys
  • Multiple ways to earn extra money
  • Large and best community
  • Easy to navigate

Cons of PrizeRebel

  • No consistency in Offers
  • screening out surveys in This PTC site


Inboxdollars ptc sites

If you are not from India then This is one of the most trustworthy PTC sites for you. You will get a chance to participate in more surveys and offers if you are from US & UK.

You will get quite many ways to earn money from InboxDollars. In this world there are thousands of people who earn more than $100 monthly from only InboxDollars by viewing ads 10-15 minutes a day.

It is also important to note that only people who live in the US & UK can join this website. If you belong to some other country, then ySense & Neobux should be your first choice.

Hope that, after read this article you can find best & highest paying PTC site without investment in India or any other countries.

Pros of InboxDollars

  • In this you will get cash, not points
  • Most popular and trusted site
  • Multiple methods for earning
  • Large Community
  • Easy navigation for you.

Cons of InboxDollars

  • There is $3 processing for $30
  • No Paypal support for withdraw

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Grabpoints highest paying ptc sites without investment

GrabPoints is well known website for its variety of options to earn extra money. That’s why GrabPoints is one of the best PTC sites in India.

It is also important to note that it was launched in 2014. It is not that old as compared to other Highest paying PTC sites without Investment in India. However, I can assure you it’s a legit PTC site for you.

GrabPoint has a many options to collect points. You can participate in online surveys, daily ads, watching videos in order to earn money.

You can redeem this points using PayPal, Flipkart, BookMyShow, Amazon. Also you can redeem many online games as well.

Pros of GrabPoints

  • Lot many options to earn points
  • Genuine and legit site
  • Payouts in only 48 hours
  • Minimum payout is only $7

Cons of GrabPoints

  • Very low referral earning
  • Only few surveys of some countries
  • No worldwide available
  • Lower paying surveys

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best ptc sites without investment

Sacrlet-clicks is totally genuine and legit website to earn money by clicking and viewing ads.

In this you just need to click on many ads and get paid up to $0.01 each. Also in Scarlet-clicks you can get up to 100% of your referral earning.

You can get paid by many ways for example, Online survey, clicking ads, watching ads and much more like other websites. Minimum payout for this site is $2. Here you can withdraw your money by skrill, Neteller, and perfect money account.

If you don’t want your payment by this options in this you can also buy bitcoin with your money.

Pros of Scarlet-clicks

  • Minimum Payouts $2
  • Buy Adpacks and earn 120%
  • Earn $0.01 per one click
  • Earn up to 100% from your referral earning

Cons of Scarlet-clicks

  • Not available worldwide
  • Not old as well as other sites

Get Paid

Get-Paid is a GPT program that accepts registration worldwide. also in this usera earn by taking tasks, completing offers, participating in online surveys, playing games and much more.

Payment is processes twice weekly through PayPal, Skrill, NETELLER.

If you are newbies then Get-Paid is the easiest offer for get to paid program. After clicking an ad link, you only need to open for at least a min. Don’t close the ad immediately otherwise you’ll lose your amount and account both.

It is also important to note that like other Highest paying PTC sites without investment this account allows only one account per computer. If you crating violation then you will lose your account.



Swagbucks is the Ever best website founded in 2008. Currently Swagbucks has more than 20 million members on its platform who have been paid very huge amount of $400 million.

It has grown faster rate and provides the best earning opportunity than any other PTC site. Swagbucks also uses a point based system termed as SBs.

The points can be converted into US dollars and redeemed by amazon gift cards or through PayPal.

Pros of Swagbucks

  • Completely free platform
  • No investment needed
  • High ratings & Positive Reviews
  • Most popular and highly reputed company
  • everyone can join this
  • Good customer support

Cons of Swagbucks

  • You will not qualify for many surveys
  • not available worldwide
  • You will have to follow their rules

How to Increase Income from PTC sites?

If you want to earn money by work from home then PTC site business is one of the best ways to generate much cash per month. once registered, your account is eligible to receive your payment.

Best & highest paying PTC sites without investment in India pay $0.001 to $0.01 per one advertisement which is very low if you’re relying just on ads and have no downline under you.

Also remember as they say “no pain, no gain” so think about it, How can you be paid for free? you need to do some work to earn.

You can earn extra money by following these steps and there is tips how you can make the extra income from Best & highest paying PTC sites without investment.

  • Login to your account every day without fail and view all available ads and complete the tasks.
  • Staying active daily will keep your account in good condition and also generate more revenue.
  • Check twice the same day to view more ads.
  • each and every day allocates at least 1 hour to this simple job.
  • Install Ad Alert and also Addon to your web browser.
  • Upgrade your membership to make more income. It is also important to note that to have at least 100 referrals before your upgrading.

Build your downline to earn more money Because in the downline the actual power of profit from PTC sites comes into play and is the master key of success.

What is Referrals?

Referrals mean People who register using your affiliate link and You receive some percentage of money from their activities. They are also known as your affiliates.

If you want to big amount of money then you need to higher number of referrals.

There are two types of referrals:

  • Direct referrals
  • Rented referrals

Rented referrals are available for you with small amount of fee for 30 days. after that, you’ll have to pay for extending their period depending upon a days tou want to keep them for your work.

Thetrendybusiness don’t recommend renting referrals because often you have to paying for their extension before seeing their performance.

It is also important to note that, it’s very difficult to maintain them. If you want some referrals for increase your income, direct referrals is best choice for you.

Direct referrals are also human beings like us who register via our affiliate (referral0 link. In this every member has unique referral link. Process of direct referrals is,

If you share your affiliate link with anybody and someone opens it, they are redirect to the site. After login to his account, that person will become your direct referral for life time.

You can enroll unlimited referrals. After viewing ads and completing task not only they you also get money.

Finally, with unlimited referrals your earning potential is endless. Hope that you may understand the process of referrals and Best & highest paying PTC sites without Investment in India.

Are all Highest paying PTC sites without investment in India are Secure?

Firstly, not all PTC sites are safe & Legit. There are many sites on internet they pay nothing to their users. So without wasting your time, it is very important for you to choose only the best & highest paying PTC sites without investment in India.

Conclusion About Highest Paying PTC sites without investment in India

Finally, hope guys, you have got some legit & highest paying PTC sites without investment in India to make money via internet and working online.

However, it is also important to note that these websites won’t pay you a very huge amount. You can make some extra cash by working daily.

If you have much free time and want some money for pocket money then, these options are good one for you.

Personally, I would not recommend you waste a lot of time on these sites. But if you want to create a successful online business then start blogging. Yes, blogging is one of the most successful businesses in the online market.

At the end I would like to only say, if you like our article on Best & Highest paying PTC sites without investment in India then share it with your family members and friends. Also don’t forget to share it on all social media platforms.

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