Kent RO v/s Aquaguard RO Which one is best? -post you need to read

Hello friends, welcome back to our website thetrendybusiness. In this article, you will find complete information about Kent RO v/s Aquaguard RO – Which one is better. So it will be easy for you to choose one of the two best ROs.

Both Kent RO and Aquaguard RO are among the best ROs in India. Many people are confused as to which RO to choose from these two ROs. That is why I have brought this article for you in which you can choose one of the two for your use.

So first let us look at a table in which some information is given. And then we will see more information like price of both, water purifier designs and capacity, etc.

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Quick info table of Kent RO v/s Aquaguard RO

Specifications Kent ROAquaguard RO
Purification Capacity15 L/hr15 L/hr
Purification TypeRO+UV+UF+TDSRO+UV+UF
Storage TypeYesYes
Storage Capacity8 L7 L
UV Fail AlarmYesNo
Filter Change AlarmYesNo
Body MaterialNon-toxic food safe ABS plasticFood grade plastic
TDS ControllerYesNo
Pre filtrationYesNo
UV Lamp Power45 W45 W
Power Consumption60 W60 W
Input Voltage100-300 V AC/50-60 Hz230 V AC/50-60 Hz
Max. Duty Cycle75 liters dayNA
Weight9.4 kg11.8 kg
Dimensions260 x 410 x 520367 x 314 x 567
Warranty1 year1 year
PriceAround Rs: 19,000Around Rs: 22,990

So friends you can see across the table above which RO you should choose. For me you just have to choose Kent RO. The reasons are as follows.

  • The starting price of Kent RO is much lower than Aquaguard RO.
  • Also, the rating of Kent RO is as high as 4.8 / 4.0. Features like Filter Change Alarm, UV Fail Alarm, TDS Controller and Prefiltration, etc. are enhanced in Kent RO.
  • With all these features, Kent RO’s body is made of non-toxic food-safe ABS plastic and Aquaguard RO’s body is made of food grade plastic which is said to be a weaker body material than Kent RO.

For me, Kent RO wins from Kent RO v/s Aquaguard RO. I prefer Kent RO because of the benefits shown above.

So friends, now we will see in detail all the information about the benefits of this product Via quick Table. So let’s go ahead and get more information.

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Technology of Aquaguard RO

Kent RO v/s Aquaguard RO Which one is best? -post you need to read

Both these ROs have a very large customer base, which is why they are among the two largest RO companies in India. But when we compare Kent RO and Aquaguard RO, there is not much difference between them.

The Aquaguard company purifies water by the method of reverse osmosis. This method was developed by the famous Dr. Mahesh Gupta of India. Messi liked this method so much that he made Aquaguard RO a leader in the Indian market.

If you do not have any information about reverse osmosis, Here is quick information About it.

In the reverse osmosis system impurities and unwanted ions, particles, and molecules of water are collected on the pressure side of the impermeable membrane.

Technology of Kent RO

Kent RO v/s Aquaguard RO Which one is best? -post you need to read

Currently, Kent RO offers about 4 different water purification systems including RO, UV, UF, and a combination of RO + UV + UF.

So now let’s get complete information about it. So first let’s get information about the UV purification method. In this method, The impurities in the water are removed with the use of ultraviolet rays.

UF called Ultra-Filtration uses a membrane to remove water impurities, a method very similar to the RO method.

Both UV and UF are given TDS levels between 0 and 80 for water purification. The method created by combining all these methods is known as RO + UV + UF method.

So let’s move on to this article Kent RO v/s Aquaguard RO, and get more information.

Water purifier designs

Kent RO v/s Aquaguard RO Which one is best? -post you need to read

The second most important factor in choosing a good water purifier is their material and their design. So let’s look at that factor.

Kent RO is designed to complement modern homes and provide more convenience to the user. Kent filters with storage tanks and multi-dimensions give a very good performance.

Aquaguard filters on the other hand are user-friendly and make their design with factors like dispensing, indicators, etc. Their design tiles are very effective for families with warm or light-colored walls.

So according to the design here, Aquaguard RO wins in Kent RO v/s Aquaguard RO.

Customer care service

You may have read many other Kent RO v/s Aquaguard RO articles before this article or read further now, you will realize that the most important factor in buying any filters or other products is customer care service.

Because when you buy a product at the beginning you cannot realize whether this product is right or not or if you buy a product from a very good brand but it goes bad then a good customer care service will help you.

AMC helps you a lot at this time, as AMC is an annual maintenance agreement with the customer and the merchant. Repairs according to those who have certain predetermined conditions. These AMC agreements come with different special agreements, terms, and prices.

So it remains to use a few visits during the year through their trained techniques for their comparison.

Kent and Aquaguard charge the same Rs 300 for AMC Annual maintenance agreement.

Final Words

I have given you information In the article about all the factors required to choose a good water purifier from Kent RO & Aquaguard RO.

So I hope you enjoyed our article and found it helpful. So if you liked this article, stay tuned to our website so that you can find new and helpful articles every day.

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