How To Use Holistic Marketing Strategies To Expand Business

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Did you know that only half of all businesses survive more than five years? It comes as a shock, but it is completely true. If we search for reasons for that we will end up on lack of business strategies, teamwork, or internal infrastructure.

Choosing and investing in the wrong marketing strategy can cost a business a ton of money, which is why it is important to correctly determine what kind of strategy is most suitable for your company.

In recent years, a new marketing concept has developed, with the aim of helping businesses remain on top of their game in an oversaturated market. It is called a holistic marketing concept.

Holistic marketing leads to a marketing strategy that considers the whole of a business. And all the different marketing channels as a system.

If you are also searching for concepts of holistic marketing strategies then this article is going to be interesting for you. Let’s begin with our main post.

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What is the Holistic Marketing Concept?

The holistic marketing concept is based on the philosophy of holism, which can be summarized with a single thought of Aristotle’s: ‘’The whole is more than the sum of its parts’’.

Holistic Marketing considers all the parts of the business. According to the concept, a business is not a combination of departments that should work separately.

Think of the human body that can only function when all parts are working together. In the same way, holistic marketing understands all the different parts of a business need to work together to operate at its best.

The holistic marketing concept views marketing as an important element that everyone who works in a company should be involved with.

What is the goal of the Holistic Marketing concept?

We have already mentioned that the holistic marketing concept thinks that all parts of a business should have the same goal. This involves creating a great customer experience and building a positive brand image.

In other words, by covering all the parts of the business, the strategies of holistic marketing help the business to expand and send the same message to all its customers.

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Importance of Holistic Marketing Concept

There are number of reasons why holistic marketing is a must for your business:

Brand building

By providing an excellent customer service, the business that uses this strategy ensures that its customers are happy with the company and have nice things to say about it.

These customers help the business to build their brand by telling their friends about it, writing positive reviews and comments online.


Holistic marketing helps with consistency because, by definition, it seamlessly links customer touchpoints. It helps to keep the consistency of the business, which matters a lot if you want to stay in the market. 

This is a very important aspect because customers aren’t fond of changes, so consistency is everything. For example, Suppose you have a food shop. If your taste of food will remain the same then only you will get customers or you will start to lose it. So, you have to remain consistent.


Holistic marketing greatly helps to improve the efficiency of a business since all parts of it are on the same track, therefore the communication between them is easier, which saves time.


Creating an excellent customer experience and brand building are long term goals, which allows the business to focus on a few big things, instead of dozens of smaller ones, which increases the effectiveness of this strategy.

So, overall you can say that components of Holistic Marketing strategies help to boost or expand your business from every possible aspect.

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Principle Components of Holistic Marketing

1. Perfomance Marketing

The role of performance marketing is essential for any holistic approach. Primarily, it focuses on uplifting different business activities, ranging from selling a brand to supporting ethical standards. The first rule of selling or promoting a brand is digital robustness and effectiveness.

Imagine that you have a website. If it lags and takes time to process, it would drive all its visitors away. To maintain good traffic, one should be aware of bandwidth and monitor site performance. You can use different site perfomance checker to know about visitors accurately.

Once you monitor the speed, you can go ahead to the next marketing phase. The essential difference to know about performance marketing is that a purchaser only pays when a particular task is achieved. In other words, it is not a PPC (pay per click) model. It allows an organization to progress with a focused approach and expand rapidly.

So the performance marketing is concentrated on different business activities, such as how to sell a product, brand and customer equity, and the ethical and legal responsibilities a business and product upholds.

2. Internal Marketing

Internal marketing refers to the internal management of the system, the marketing department, and the collaboration between the marketing department and other departments.

It ensures that workers are satisfied with the work they perform every day. According to this marketing form, the customer’s opinion of a business isn’t determined only by the products.

It is also influenced by all the interactions they have with the business, which are mostly employee-customer interactions.

Because Greater satisfaction among employees leads to increased customer satisfaction over time. And more customer satisfaction means more expansion of the business. So internal marketing also plays an important role in Holistic Marketing Strategies To Expand Business.

3. Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing includes the pricing strategy, product strategy, placing strategy, promotion strategy and communication strategy.

The step in integrated marketing is related to pricing strategy. In this phase, top managers trained in product price-setting play their role. The second step is to place or deploy the product.

The third aspect of integrated marketing is the promotion strategy, where organizations promote the brand on paid media, earned media and owned media.

  • Paid Media : Paid media involves marketing you pay for, like ads, banners, pay per click, etc.
  • Earned Media : As the name suggests earned media includes the things you earn from your customers, such as reviews and comments.
  • Owned Media : Own media contains media you own, like social media and websites.

The last step on the list is the communication strategy. It enabling businesses to convey the policy to the masses. If a business wants expansion it should pay attention to all the elements of integrated marketing.

In simple words, All activities in integrated marketing, including advertising, public relations, direct marketing, online communications, and social media marketing, work in sync with one another to ensure the company’s customers and business partners have the same experience with and thoughts of the company.

So, Integrated Marketing plays a vital role in the development of any business.

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4. Relationship Marketing

The goal of relationship marketing is to build strong, long-lasting relationships with various stakeholders, customers, workers and other important parties connected to the business.

This includes what they like, dislike, as well as their interests, wishes, wants and needs. A business can establish a relationship only by knowing their customers and making their brand a part of their lives.

A successful relationship between the business and customers is everything in any business. It keeps customers coming back, which increases revenue and they also recommend your business to other people, which helps to build the brand image.

So, by having a good relationship with their customers, businesses ensure that their customers remain faithful to them and choose them over their opponents.

Therefore, the main focus of relationship marketing isn’t selling products; it is actually customer satisfaction and reservation, as well as building customer support, all long-term goals.

So, relationship marketing focuses on establishing relationships. This strategy of holistic marketing is also very important to expand the business.

So, these are the four components of holistic marketing strategies. As you now know it covers all the aspects related to the business and helps to expands your business in every possible way.

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Examples of Holistic Marketing

Let’s see some best examples of holistic marketing. There are many famous brands that have applied holistic marketing strategies to boos their business.

Apple – a great example of holistic marketing

Apple is one of the best company that successfully uses holistic marketing. Everything from how the products are developed with the customer requirements in mind, to the stores being branded in a recognizable fashion, to the extremely quick customer service, efficient and polite, Apple can be considered as best in using this strategy.

Coca-Cola’s Open Happiness campaign

They had dozens of slogans throughout the years, but in 2009, they used the slogan ‘Open Happiness’ for the first time. It lasted until 2015 and is today one of the most popular slogans ever.

They included this word in all of their ads and had a song performed by famous musicians called Open Happiness. They also named their trucks happiness trucks, and machines as happiness machines that ‘delivered doses of happiness.’

And also if you’ll look at their recent ads, you’ll see people smiling, being happy, and enjoying each other’s company, which is what the brand is all about.

Heineken’s unique store

Heineken is another example of a brand that used holistic marketing strategies to successfully reinvent its image. Rather than focusing on the beer, Heineken focused its marketing efforts around four themes – engagement, exposure, interaction, and relationships to promote its eco-friendly approach to brewing beer.

They also opened a large store, called Heineken The City. Instead of focusing on the beer, they focused on the user experience and got more than 300,000 visitors during the first year.

Final Verdict

All businesses contain different features that must be assessed and evaluated. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are. So, all businesses need a holistic marketing approach to expand.

Although the holistic marketing concept is new, it has already become super popular. They focus on good customer experience and brand building.

That is all about holistic marketing. I hope now you learned about How To Use Holistic Marketing Strategies To Expand Business?

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