How to Start Freelancing Work in India – A Beginner’s Guide

Hello friends, welcome back to The trendy business. If you have a question in mind that How can I start freelancing in India? and searching term for how to become a freelancer in India? then you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we are writing about what is freelancing? and How does freelancing work?

In terms of the freelance workforce, India ranked second after the US according to the study. The freelancing industry is growing so fast that freelancers are supposed to cover about 50% workforce of India by 2021.

If you have a skill, you are more expected to survive and grow better on your own in freelancer service in India than working under someone.

Now let’s see how to start freelancing in India with all the basics.

What is freelancing?

By the popular definition, freelancing is a form of self-employment, wherein an individual works at his or her own accord, independent of any superior authority or organization.

A freelancer decides his work’s worth and is paid accordingly, on a per hour, per day, or per-project basis

Freelancers can serve every demand that a business requires. This includes marketing, writing along with technical and financial support. Freelancer comes with specialized skills in Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, and Publicity.

Some Freelancers are also experts in writing content and blog posts while serving the web programming and graphic design needs of a business. Freelancers also deal with Bookkeeping services.

Freelancers typically get freelance projects online – via freelance websites like FiverrUpwork, People Per Hour, etc, or even through their own social media.

Freelancing requires dedication and putting in huge efforts since one has to find work on their own, and sometimes you have to deal with multiple clients at the same time. The rising number of freelancers in India shows how fast this is gaining popularity. 

I hope now you understood what is freelancing work? Now, let’s move to our main topic of how to start freelancing work in India? or How to become a freelancer in India?

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How to Become a Freelancer in India?

Here are some steps that you have to follow to start freelancing in India.

1. Find your Niche & Service

The process contains two parts. First, introspecting your knowledge & interest and second validating the market for the activity you want to carry out. Because no market means no audience and it results in no money.

You have to take out the time to identify a profitable niche to do your business. Just ask yourself these questions and you will get your niche.

  • Which topics you are really good at and have domain knowledge
  • What do you read in your spare time
  • The hobbies that excite you most and remained with you for a long time
  • Which are the topics that make you an expert amongst friends  
  • What are your professional expertise 

You will get your niche by getting answers to these questions. In the next step, you need to validate the market.

You can use Google, LinkedIn, FB to check whether there are any requirements for your niche. Are there any FB groups, blogs, articles, sites that provide work for your niche?

If you find any, then surely there is a market to validate your idea. You need to find clients who value quality and must target to compete on value and not the price.

Here is a quick list of Top Paying Freelancing Jobs that might help you to find your niche.

Top Paying Freelancing Jobs

  • Internet Security Specialist 
  • SEO Specialist 
  • Copywriter 
  • Programming and software development 
  • Web Design and Development
  • Content marketing/ writing 
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Managers
  • Video Editors

2. Get Expertise in Your Work Area

After finalizing the area of your interest, the next step is to be an expert in that niche. If you do not have enough expertise then it’s better to get the expertise in your domain because that will help you become valuable in the market. 

It takes time to be an expert in any domain. To learn and master quickly use the power of the internet.

Start practicing with whatever knowledge you have is the best thing to do. The more time you spend on improving your skills the better you become in your work. 

Once you have enough expertise, you can take the freelance work to the next level by taking better projects at better pricing.

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3. Make a Portfolio

When you think about how to become a freelancer in India, you need to also think about how you will showcase your work to the audience.

The best way to showcase your work is to make a portfolio of your skills. You can start with a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram handle, or a blog. This will depend on the nature of your business.

The purpose of a portfolio is to showcase your skillset in the best manner.

4. Set Pricing

The prices have a huge impact on your freelance business. Spend some time analyzing the value you and then determine your expected hourly rate.

Start with lower rates and gradually increase your rates as you gain more. One of the most common mistakes freelancers do is they decide pricing based on what competitors are charging.

Remember you need to ask for the price of your work, value, and your quality. Second, pricing depends on the target market. If you are targeting smaller clients who don’t have as much budget to play with, you need to keep low pricing.

One more tip, remember to ask your clients to leave feedback. Your clients’ feedback helps you to rise higher in performance ratings, on freelancing websites, and get more assignments.

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5. Choose a Platform to Get Your First Client

There are four types of freelancing work and depending on the type of skills and activity you do.

1. Freelancing platform for online digital work

If you are a Digital kind of freelancer who works independently then the platforms would be Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer. The project work includes skills like content creation, video editing, SEO, and graphics designs. 

Upwork is a freelancing platform that feeds the needs of global businesses. This platform connects freelancers and professionals with corporates and businesses to work remotely.

Freelancer is an online job marketplace for global freelancers. This platform provides a base for the employers and freelancers to cooperate for work projects and mutual benefit.

2. Freelancing platform for expert work

If You are an expert then to find an ideal client you should tap platforms like Twago, projektwerk.

3. Freelancing platform for autonomous click work

If you freelance individually but the work is assigned and processed by the platform then you come as Autonomous Clickworker. Amazon Mechanical Turk, Clickworker, Figure Eight, etc are suitable platforms to find clients for Autonomous Clickworker.

4. Freelancing platform for integrated work

But, if you work mixed with the client, where the platform assigns and prepares the work then you will find clients on platforms like TaskRabbit, Uber, Ola, Mr. Right.

You can also visit Facebook Groups and online forums for this type of work.

6. Learn How to Pitch to Clients

Your expertise does not matter if you can not market yourself. Pitching for the freelance work is the first professional contact you make with the possible client. 

You can find potential clients using different sources such as social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc or freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.  

Depending on the services you provide you can reach out to as many clients as possible. However, remember to maintain quality and do not begin spamming.

Here are the basics of pitching a potential client 

  • First, Start showing the intent to provide value that will be helpful for their business for free.
  • Then showcase related work samples and past projects to show your expertise.
  • Support your portfolio with recommendations.
  • Use a video or visually appealing layout to throw the proposal.

7. Communication Structure

You need to prepare a pre-communication structure when you start the journey for how to become a freelancer in India and start freelancing.

This means that when a client reacts to your pitch, you must have data concerning the service terms ready. This includes payment terms, timelines, mutual rights and responsibilities, and copyright for the completed work.

You should collect testimonials every time after work because they show that you have a track record and you are serious about your work and care for client satisfaction.  

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8. Make Valuable Connections

Having regular clients is not easy. You should try to build a long term relationship with the present client for future assignments. 

These valuable connections with existing clients can help you get referrals for your next freelancing project. 

So, if you want to become a freelancer in India, it is time for you to start freelancing.

The advantages and disadvantages of freelancing


  • There is lot more freedom of choice than a regular desk job.
  • Get chance to be your own boss or entrepreneur
  • You can charge as per the work you put in
  • Best for work from home
  • More flexibility than a regular job


  • Your income depends on the workload.
  • Lack of job stability 
  • It can get lonely minimum interaction with coworkers which can lead to you feeling isolated
  • Will not get benefits like a PF, health insurance, and paid holidays.


With a growing economy and flexible work cultures, freelancing is becoming a mainstream activity to support your financial necessities.

Freelancing provides you an excellent opportunity to learn, sharpen your skills. Hope this article will help you to understand how to work as a freelancer in India

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