JioMart: Seller, Franchise, How to sell on JioMart, Everything about JioMart

Jio launched JioMart on 31 December 2019. In Jiomart, you can buy your daily routine stuff like groceries, soups, brushes, clothes, and so on a very cheap price. And you have a big opportunity to make money with JioMart. So, let’s see how to sell on JioMart and make money.

What is JioMart?

What is JIoMart?, How to make money on JioMart? , How to sell on JioMart

JioMart is an online delivering grocery business just like big Bigbasket. As you know JioMart is on by Mukesh Ambani. And JioMart’s parent company is Reliance Retail Ltd. It works on the principle of online grocery delivery in very cheap price.

So, this is about the company. Below, we will see how to sell with JioMart and How to earn money from it.

How does JioMart Make Money?

So, suppose you are a customer. And you ordered something you want on the JioMart website or app and whatever it is. In starting they launched only a website but now the app is also available.

HOW DOSE JIOMART MAKE MONEY?,  Jiomart, mUKESHAMBANI JioMart, How to sell on JioMart
How to sell on JioMart

So, you placed your order on Jioplatform. Then they will transfer your order to the local grocer (Kariyana) store nearest from you. And then the local grocery store will fulfill your order. After the delivery guy delivers your order to you. But the delivery guy will be own by Jio. And in this order, JioMart will charge a commission from the grocery store they have in pannel.

This business model is as simple. In short, JioMart is acting as a commission agent between the grocery store and you. The order will be fulfilled by retailers and deliver will be delivered by Jio deliver guy.

In short, what they will do is transfer your order to the grocery shop. And whenever your order is ready that grocery store guy sends notification using the JioMart app. And also you can pick up the order on your own. Next, we will see how to sell on JioMart.

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What is JioMart business model?(How to sell on jiomart)

Let’s see what is the O2O business model. For example, you are a customer and you order your product on Jiomart using your mobile. And then the bill comes of your product in your mobile.

Then in a few hours, your product will be delivered to your home by Jio delivery guy. After delivery done, you can pay for it from your home. So, what’s unique in this business model?

O2O Business Model of JioMart, How to sell on JioMart, What is JioMart business model?,How to sell on JioMart
O2O Business Model of JioMart

The unique is the product that came to your home is from your nearest Kirana store which is already connected with JioMart. So, It promotes local small businesses.

So, this is the O2O model. And in those cities where the Kirana store is not enough their Reliance retail or Reliance smart will take charge of your order. You can order a maximum Rs 20000 order in JioMart which is more than enough.

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JioMart-WhatsApp Deal: Here’s How to Buy Reliance’s Grocery

Order from whatsapp on JioMart, Jiomart Whatsapp, Jiomart ,How to sell on JioMart

According to Jio Facebook deals in 2020, JioMart has huge support on WhatsApp. Now let’s see how it works? Customers will order via Whatsapp and pay via WhatsApp. This will be the game-changer. And also, everyone already has WhatsApp in their phone.

So, what they will do is they will order with the help of WhatsApp. And after the completing order, they will pay via WhatsApp. WhatsApp pay is still not available in India but as soon it will available in India.

43000 Crore Deal between Jio and Facebook

And then it will be much easier for everyone to order via WhatsApp. JioMart will be linked directly to WhatsApp. Now we will see how can we make money by doing sell on JioMart.

How to Make Money on JioMart? (How to sell on jiomart)

You can join JioMart as a disturber and provide a product to customers. JioMart will work as a platform that joins customers to sellers like any other E-commerce platform. But the working process is little changed in JioMart.

JioMart work on online to offline model. which means when we will use the JioMart application it works as an E-commerce website.

Pre-Registration Process on JioMart [Step By Step](How to sell on jiomart)

Here, we give you a step by step instructions on the pre-registration process. so you can know how to sell on jiomart? Follow the below-given steps to register on JioMart. And also you can save up to 3000 rupees by launching.

  1. Visit
  2. Do signup and fill the details.
  3. Verify your account by using mobile number.
  4. Confirmation message will be recived by you.
How to register in JioMart, Jiomart, How to sell on Jiomart ,How to sell on JioMart
Jio Mart Pre-Registration Process

Current Locations where JioMart is available

Now JioMart delivers in approximately 200 locations across India. some of state’s name are given below.

 Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Surat among others. You can check JioMart is activated or not in your location by using Pincode in JioMart website or app. In most of the cities, JioMart is activated now, therefore, the chance to make money by doing sell on Jiomart is really huge.

JioMart Franchise Registration(How to sell on jiomart)

On 24 May 2020, JioMart has launched its official website. And then Many grocery stories want to collaborate or do business with JioMart for earning more profit by doing sell.

Firstly, you have to go to the Reliance supplier registration page. Secondly, you have to submit the PAN Document, PAN number, and Supplier name. Now, sellers only can sell home products like cookies, chocolate, cakes, oil, soaps, dry fruit, vegetables, fruits, and grocery.

JioMart Franchise Registration, JioMart ,How to sell on JioMart
JioMart Franchise Registration

Documents Required for JioMart Seller or Vendor(How to sell on jiomart)

Here, we mentioned the list of documents that are mandatory for becoming a JioMart seller or vender. Read this list very carefully. And make sure that you have all these documents which are mentioned below.

  • Company/Shop Details
  • PAN card
  • Passport size photographs
  • Aadhar Card
  • Address Proof details (Light Bill, Passport)
  • GST certificate of Shop

Distributorship with Jio(How to sell on jiomart)

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Jio Distributorship is a platform where you can do business with Jio with becoming a partner. So, if I talking about JioMart then you need to become a distributor. You have to in the following the website by clicking HERE. Then you have to click on Become a Distuboter.

Jio Distributor Registration, JioMart, How to sell on Jiomart, How to sell on JioMart
Jio Distributor Registration

How to become Jio Distributor in your location:

To become Jio Distributor in your location you need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit Jio Distributorship
  2. Read the instructions given there
  3. Then click “I am Interested”
  4. Enter details
  5. And “Submit“

Program Registration for JioMart Kirana(How to sell on jiomart)

For those who want to expand his grocery store or shop with Reliance Retail, Reliance Jio has started the JioMart Kirana program. Therefore you need to learn how to sell on JioMart which mentioned above.

JioMart Kirana Program Registration, JioMart. Make money from Jiomart ,How to sell on JioMart
JioMart Kirana Program Registration

For registration, you just have to enter a 10 digits mobile number. Then you will receive OTP on that mobile number. Once you got verified by the JioMart team. You will get a call, Massage, or WhatsApp on your number to guidance for further.

You can participate in it by click HERE.

Services in JioMart(How to sell on jiomart)

Basically, JioMart gives you services that you can use in your daily routine life. Below, we will mention some examples of services these are given by JioMart.

  • Vegetables and Fruits
  • Groceries
  • Medicine
  • Books
  • Small Electrical Instruments
  • Materials for Study
  • Medicine

Advantages of JioMart(How to sell on jiomart)

You can take more benefits from JioMart because Jiomart is an Indian company started by the Indian richest man alive Mukesh Ambani. Therefore you have a chance to take more benefits than any other E-commerce website. See sell on JioMart gives you which benefits.

Here, we mention some examples of benefit JioMart gives you if you are using it.

  • Free home delivery
  • You can save up to Rs. 3,000
  • 50,000+ Karina products
  • Express delivery
  • No minimum order value condition
  • No inquiry asked
  • You can buy both online or offline grocery products

Q&A on JioMart about (How to sell on jiomart)

Some of questions related to how to make money by doing sell on JioMart.

How to get invite code on jioMart?

After entering your mobile number JioMart’s team will send you an invitation code. And then you can use that.

Where does the jioMart stored their product in any city?

JioMart has no warehouse to store products. It takes a commission from the grocery store’s owner by giving them, customers. Therefore JioMart stored no products.

How to repeat a previous order in jiomart?

JioMart gives you options as a history. In this order history, you can easily reorder your previous order.

Without whatsapp can one access jioMart?

Yes, one can access JioMart from text message or from website also.

Are books available on JioMart?

Currently, No. There are no books available but you can take all information from it’s website.

Does JioMart offers good scheme for regular buyer?

Yes, this is one of the best benefit provided by JioMart.


JioMart gives you a huge opportunity to make money. You should take this chance and try to generate some additional amount of money. Hope this blog helps you a lot to know about JioMart and how to sell on JioMart.

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