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Hello friends, Welcome back to thetrendybusiness. In this article, we are writing about How to make yourself a perfect person in everything?

It is said that no one is perfect.  Not me, not you, not even the most beautiful, successful people on the planet.

Nowadays we are constantly trying to be perfect. There is a need to have a perfect weight, a perfect body, a perfect face, a perfect relationship, or maybe perfect friendships. The list goes on.

Are you frustrated by the absence of perfection in your life? If you’d like to overcome uncertainty and mediocrity and replace them with joyful perfection, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some tips to make perfect every task you do. Whether it is big or small like homework.

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So, now let’s begin our post.

1. Compliment Yourself

Every day before you go on with your daily routine, take a couple of minutes to give yourself a compliment. Whether you compliment your haircut, dressing, or how you recently performed a task using your unique skills, giving yourself a little emotional boost will make you happy.

This will help you to put yourself in a peak performance state. Try this every day and see the results of it. It will increase your concentration and efficiency in performing tasks.

2. Don’t be distracted

There are lots of distractions in life, but neglecting them is key to achieve perfection, whether in your work life or your personal life.

Here’s a little law about distraction too, the closer you are to finishing something, the more the chances of getting distracted

This means when you are closer to achieve or complete something, there are more chances of becoming distracted. But these little distractions can take away your rewards all the time. So here is a tip when you are focused on something don’t be distracted from it.

3. Don’t Make Excuses

Blaming your mate, boss, or clients is futile and won’t get you very far. Instead of pointing fingers and making excuses about why you aren’t happy or successful in your personal or professional life, own your mistakes and learn from them.

You will become a better person when you do this. I personally started living up to my mistakes and downfalls and my life turned itself around. I became happier and healthier.

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4. Let Go of Anger

Letting go of anger is easy to say but hard to do. Anger is a perfectly normal emotion. When this happens, you may make stupid decisions, and more importantly, it may affect your health. Research suggests much anger can cause digestive problems, difficulty sleeping, and even heart disease.

So try to control your anger as much as possible. Not only this will help you to become perfect but also this will help you to stay healthy.

5. Don’t Give Up

Most people give up halfway when the going gets hard. The percentage of people who actually hold to their goal and reach their final destination are those who become successful. Try something else, if you think what you’re doing may not get you where you want to go.

However, if you know that you’re doing right and will get you to your goal, despite being a difficult journey, then stick to it, no matter what happens.

6. Keep on learning

If there are people around you who may seem perfect for you, try to get inspired by them. Observe their way of working, making decisions, attitudes, and their habits and behaviors, this will keep you motivated to be like them and attain your own perfection.

Also learn from your mistakes. Don’t make excuses but find your mistakes and try to improve them. This will help you grow faster and faster.

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7. Be Honest and Direct

How would you feel if a closer one or business partner lied to you? Chances are you would see that as a breaking of your trust. If you want to become a better person in either your personal or professional life, you should always tell the truth and state as clearly as possible what you are trying to convey.

Learn to put your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in an open and honest manner. Do not hesitate to say anything that you feel, think in front of anyone.

8. Listen to Others

As Jeet Banerjee notes on Lifehack, “listening to people and giving everyone a voice is one of the greatest things you can do.” He adds that he “got to meet some of the most amazing people, close some of the biggest deals, and develop connections that will last me a lifetime all because I took time to listen to people. Being a good listener can change your life in a positive manner.

9. Talk to yourself

Talk to yourself and question yourself. Ask yourself for options and give yourself suggestions.  No one is more capable to judge of your own abilities and dreams than you. Question yourself at each stage you stop and try to get solution.

10. Always Be Polite

How much effort does it take to say, “Thank you,” or to hold the lift door open for someone or to help somebody? Not much at all. However, these acts of kindness can make someone’s day.

So, always be polite and talk genuinely to everyone. This will make a good impression on their mind.

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11. Surprise People

How great does it feel to make someone smile? It feels much good, right? Surprise your loved ones or co-workers now and then, with a gift, a night out on the town, or by offering help when you know they could use it.

12. It’s alright to fail

It is your most important lesson when it comes to understanding how to be perfect in everything you do. Life is not covered by how often you fail. It’s measured by how often you grow up after failing.

Remember your failures as an experience, sprinkle yourself off and prepare yourself for another journey without falling for the same failures again. Failure means you were a few steps closer to perfection than you were earlier.

13. Small Tips

  • Perfection is a state of mind. If you work on your perception, things will fall into place. Shakespeare hit the nail on the head when he wrote, “Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
  • Don’t make fun of people, include everyone!
  • If someone is causing problems and is trying to low you down, ignore them! Don’t try to cling on to them, and try your best to work it out. If it is getting out of hand, remove yourself from the situation!
  • Keep hygiene.
  • Get Good Night’s rest.
  • Be kind.
  • Be a good Friend.

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