How to install windows 10 on android without PC – No root

Hello friends, I, the owner of this website, welcome you to this website thetrendybusiness. In this article, I will teach you how to install/run Windows 10 on android without PC.

Windows 10 is an operating system for a computer. You will see in this article how to run it on Android.

In this article, I will tell you how to run Windows 10 on an Android device. This can be called a theme or launch that is designed like Windows 10 or another version of Windows.

This allows you to make your phone’s system look like Windows. But you can’t run laptop’s application or service on a mobile. So let’s start this article without wasting too much time.

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How to install windows 10 in android?

So in this article, I will teach you two tricks from which you can install Windows 10 in your Android mobile using any of them.

Method 1

This trick is very simple. Which is easy from both tricks. In this trick, we will use an application called JPCSIM which is also available on Playstore.

Step 1

How to install windows 10 in android

First install jpcsim – pc windows simulator from playstore in the first step. You can also install from any other app stores.

Now that it has been downloaded and installed, open it by clicking on the Open button, and follow the second step.

In the next step, we will enter Windows 10 into the application that installs Android.

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Step 2

How to install windows 10 in android

Now after downloading and installing the application as per step 1, open it. This type of interface will appear in front of you when you open it. Which has some privacy policy.

Disclaimer:- After carefully reading all the above privacy policies, click on yes if it suits you. Otherwise, we do not take responsibility for anything.

So now after giving yes, follow step 3 to know how to install Windows 10 Android in any way.

Step 3

How to install windows 10 in android

Now in this step, you will come across some coding type interface. Click anywhere on the display and go to the next step.

Step 4

In this step, you are close to installing Windows 10 on your android. Choose your favorite Windows version from the place shown in this step.

Now there is one last step. In which your windows 10 will be installed.

Step 5

In this step you have to select your favorite Windows version and start. Clicking on this start button will turn on some coding.

After waiting for a while for this type of coding to start, you will see that your windows 10 will start.

Method 2

So let’s move on to another trick to install/run Windows 10 without a PC on android. as mentioned above. Read this trick carefully as it is a bit tough. So let’s get started.

For this trick you will need the software as shown above. Such as limbo PC emulator, file manager and windows 10 plus etc.

After downloading all this software you will be able to install windows 10 on your android phone.

So let’s start without wasting more time.

Step 1

The first step is to download and install the above mentioned application.

After downloading and installing all these applications, follow all the other steps below.

You can also download Windows XP, Windows 95 etc. with Windows 10. All these files are too big. So make sure your network is good.

Step 2

In this step, open the file manager you installed from the link above, and search for the Windows file you downloaded in it. Now copy this Windows file.

Now select the copied file as sd card and insert a folder named limbo in it.

Copy Windows File And Paste into Limbo Folder, and now follow the next steps.

Step 3

In this step first, open the limbo application. Click on the loading machine then a popup will appear in front of you and select New.

Now scroll down and find the section of the hard disk. Select Hard Disk A in it. And when you click on it, a popup will appear in front of you, in which click on Open.

Then after clicking on Open you will come to a file manager or a place where all your files can be seen. Select the Windows file you downloaded from it.

Step 4

Now, this is the last process, after setting the number as shown above, after scrolling down a bit, there will be a play button, after clicking on it, your Windows 10 will load and after waiting for a while, your Windows 10 will start running on Android.

Enjoy this if your Windows 10 is running on Android.

Final words

Above I have taught you two ways to install/run Windows 10 on Android without a PC. You can use as per your convenience.

I hope you enjoyed our article. And you must have understood my point. Although I taught you my best, if you have any questions, please comment down below. We will respond to you within 24 hours.

Stay tuned to our website to read such new and interesting articles daily.

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