How to get Jio internet setting by SMS? best high-speed APN setting for jio

Hello friends, welcome to our website thetrendybusiness once again with a new article. This article is especially made for Jio users as in this article you will learn about How to get jio internet setting by SMS? and Which is the best high-speed APN setting for jio?

This article will be very helpful if you are a Jio user and bothered by its slow net speed. Because in this article you will find information about the APN setting of the Jio sim.

If you read this article carefully and follow the access point network setting I have shown you will get many benefits like High-Speed 4G Internet, True HD Voice calling i.e. VoLTE and Unbuffered Videos experience, etc.

First of all, let us know what APN is. So let’s start this article without wasting much time.

What is APN setting?

How to get jio internet setting by SMS? best high speed APN setting for jio

The full name of the APN is Access Point Name. APN is one type of gateway between GSM, GPRS, 3G, or 4G mobile network and another computer network.

To current to the carrier, a cell machine making an information hyperlink needs to be geared up with an APN.

The service would then seem to be at this identifier and see what form of community hyperlink must be established, such as which IP addresses have to be allotted to the wi-fi device, what authentication measures must be used, and whether or not or now not it ought to be linked to a personal client network.

APN is structurally identified in two parts, one is the Operator Identifier and the other is the Network Identifier.

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What is Network Identifier and Operator Identifier?

The Network Identifier is a mandatory part of the access point name. This section defines the connection to GGSN as the Gateway GPRS Support Node. Alternatively, it also includes what has been requested by the user.

The operator identifier part defines the specific operator domain in which the Gateway GPRS Support Node is located. This part is an optional part for APN. The operator identified consists of three domains.

These include .mnc, .mcc and .gprs etc. Where MNC’s full name is mobile network code, and MCC’s full name is mobile country code.

How to get Jio internet setting by SMS?

If you want to get an internet setting for your Jio SIM card via SMS, you can get one. But you don’t know how to get Jio internet setting by SMS? and which is the best high-speed APN setting for Jio then, keep reading this article.

You have to call the Jio customer care number first to get Jio internet setting i.e. APN setting via SMS. Then Jio customer care executive will send you an APN setting via SMS. and you have to install it on your device.

How to install APN setting in android mobile?

You will need to follow some of the steps below to install the APN setting. Keep reading for what I will explain to you in detail.

Installing an APN is very easy though if you don’t know it then I will teach you no need to worry.

Step 1

How to get jio internet setting by SMS? best high speed APN setting for jio

Friends To install APN in your mobile phone, first you have to adjust the setting in your phone and then open it. So after opening, follow the following step 2.

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Step 2

How to get jio internet setting by SMS? best high speed APN setting for jio

Now when you reach the setting, you will see an option like SIM card, dual SIM, data connection or mobile network etc. Click on it and follow the step 3.

Step 3

How to get jio internet setting by SMS? best high speed APN setting for jio

Now there you will see the name of your SIM card or the option named APN, then click on it. And if you see an option called APN outside then the next step is not for you.

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Step 4

Now just at this step you have to click on APN or access point name. And then follow the last step.

Step 5

Then you will have the option of an add or plus at the top. Click on it. Then you will go to the section with the interface shown below where you will have to enter all the details shown in one of the tables below.

Best APN setting for Jio

Install the APN setting given in the table below in your Android or iOS phone. And this APN setting will only work for JIO users. That’s why any other telecom user can’t use this APN and if you want you can let me know by commenting.

NameJio Fastest 4G
ProxyNot set
PortNot set
UsernameNot set
PasswordNot set
MMSCNot set
MMS proxyNot set
Authentication typeNot set
APN protocolIPv6
APN roaming protocolIPv6
PPP callNot set
Data bearerPackage switched domain
MVNO typeNone

Final words

So friends in the article I taught you about the best high-speed APN setting for Jio to increase the speed of the internet. and also how to get Jio internet setting by SMS?

Now I hope this article has been helpful to you. And you will have solved your slow data problem.

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