How to Delete System 32 (C:) Drive Files on PC

Hello friends, welcome back to thetredybusiness. In this article, I am writing about How to Delete Files in System 32 from PC.

Occasionally you might have come across technical problems with your computer like a bad network connection or problem with audio. If you are not tech-savvy you might have tried finding a solution to them online.

And you may have seen people telling you to delete the System32 folder. So, what is System 32? How to delete system 32 files with a run command, cmd, or notepad in Windows 7,8, and 10?

But if you are facing any problems and you want to delete some files in system 32 then read below and you will find a few ways to delete system32 files.

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What is System 32?

Actually, we can say that the System 32 folder is the most important folder for the Windows operating system.  It is a directory where almost all the Windows file systems like the DLL Files, Executable, and many more folders and files are stored.

This folder present in C: drive holds all the file applications that your computer needs to run.

The EXE files in the System32 folder represent various Windows system services. For example, when you launch the Task Manager, Windows opens the Taskmgr.exe program file located inside the System32 folder.

So, we can say that System32 is the important folder of your computer. In some cases or for different reasons, someone probably wants or has to delete system 32 of their Windows 10. The question is that what will be happened if that system 32 is deleted from Windows 10? Are there any damages that will be gotten?

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What If we Delete the System32 Files?

System 32 contains the SYS files associated with the hardware drivers. Which your system needs to communicate properly with your hardware.

Even the Windows Registry files of the entire system are here. Deleting this folder may cause some damages to the Windows operation. Please ensure that you have a strong and important reason to delete system 32 and ensure that you do it right as well.

Once you delete the system 32 on your Windows 10 or on the other types of WINDOWS, you will lose your Windows. It will force you to re-install the new Windows again.

Basically, System 32 files are like the heart for windows. If you delete them you’ll kill the windows.

Now, I hope you understood what is System 32? and why it is important? Now, let’s move ahead to our main point.

How to Delete System32 files from PC?

I believe that you are completely aware of what you are going to delete. This information is shared only for educational purposes. We are not responsible if any damage caused.

There are three ways to delete System32. Let’s see them one by one.

Method 1 : Batch File

In this method, we are going to delete System32 files using notepad. It is also known as the batch file method. Follow these steps :

1. Open Notepad and type cd in it.

2. Find the system32 folder ( C:\Windows\System32 ) in your system C drive. Select the file that you want to delete and right-click and choose properties. Inside properties in the General tab copy the file location.

3. Now, Paste the path location after cd with quotes. Example: cd “C:\Windows\System32\Boot\en-US” 

4. Now hit the enter button one time and then type del.

5. Now type the file name after del with the quotes. For example, del “sample1.dox”

6. Save this file as type “All Files” and .bat extension.

How to Delete System 32 files from PC using notepad

7. Close the notepad and double-click the batch file to delete the System32 files.

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Method 2 : Delete System 32 files using cmd

In this method, you need to have administrative permissions. Follow these steps :

1. First of all you need to open a command prompt. For that, go to the start button and search cmd, and open Command Prompt.

2. After that, click the ctrl, shift, and enter keys together to load the command prompt console by using the administrative privileges.

3. Third step is to take ownership of System 32 folder. For that  type takeown /f C:\Windows\System32 and press the enter key.

4. To delete System 32 files type cacls C:\Windows\System32  and press Enter.

5. Now close the command prompt and other running programs as well.

6. Open C: drive and go to the System 32 folder. Now you can delete the file you want or you can delete the whole folder.

Note: Also, you can delete the files by typing the path in takedown and cacls which get to the file location.

Method 3 : For Protected Files

If you get an error message prompting You don’t have permission to perform this action or You need authorization from TrustedInstaler in order to perform this action then here is a method to fix it.

Follow these steps :

1. Go to System32 files, right-click on the folder to open the Properties.

2. Now Click on Security and then Advanced.

3. Click on the owner tab, you will see Trusted Installer as the Owner.

4. Edit to change the owner to your account or Administrator account.

5. Also mark on the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects if you want to delete more than one files from the folder.

6. Close all the windows and again go to the System 32 propeties.

7.  Now Go to Security, then Advanced and then Edit.

8. Now click on the user name in the list you want to edit the permissions for. If the username is not in the list, click Add, type in the name, and click OK.

9. Then click on the check box next to Full Control. Then click OK to continue.

10. Now you will be able to delete system 32 files without any permissions.

Final Words

These methods are commonly used to delete the System 32 Folder in Windows. Similarly, the answer to the questions like how to delete the System 32 Folder in Windows 10 will be the same i.e. same methods can be used.

Again I am saying that This information is shared only for educational purpose. We are not responsible if any damage caused.

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