How to Make Money From YouTube: 5 Effective Tips

5 effective steps to make money from YouTube. We are providing the best ideas to convert your channel into a money-making business. You need to follow our guide.

In this time of technology, online business ideas are very important. YouTube is the most obvious way to make money online. But it’s not the only way.

YouTube is half the internet: that’s 1.9 billion users logging in every month. But at the same time, 500 hours of video are uploaded in a minute.

Read on, we’ll lay out Five ways to earn income from your YouTube channel namely:

  • Become a YouTube Partner
  • Sell your own merchandise
  • Create sponsored content
  • Get your fans to pay you directly
  • License your content to the media

Now some step-by-step instruction for making money on YouTube.

Firstly, if you want to start a YouTube channel Here 20 best YouTube video ideas that will go viral

How to make money on YouTube

Become a YouTube Partner

The Youtube Partner Program is how regular YouTubers get access to special features on the platform.

You don’t need to be a partner to make money on YouTube (just setting up an Adsense account and getting views is enough to handle that), but being a partner makes it a lot easier.

YouTube Partners have access to multiple streams: not just ads, but YouTube Premium subscription fees, and features that tap your fans’ wallet directly like Super Chat, channel memberships, and the merchandise shelf.

step 1: Start a channel

Don’t worry there are many guides in internet for start a YouTube channel.

step 2: Make your channel successful enough that it meets the YouTube Partner Program requirements

To join the program,you need a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months.

For increas subsribers post best content on your channel.

Step 3: Set up an Adsense account

This is simple. Just follow YouTube’s official guide to Adsense accounts

Step 4: Explore your new monetization features

Each monetization channel has different requirements. For instance:

  • Ad revenue: to earn ad revenue, you must be at least 18 years old, and you must create content that is advertiser-friendly. Basically, the less controversial your videos, the more Youtube advertiser will be comfortable running ads on them, and the more money you make.
  • YouTube Premium revenue: if a YouTube Premium member watches your video, you get a portion of their subscription fee. (this one is automatic, which is nice.)
  • Channel memberships: in order to sell channel memberships to your subscribers, you need to be at least 18 and have more than 30,000 subscribers.
  • merchandise shelf: in order to sell merch from YouTube’s merchandise shelf, you must be at least 18 years old, and have at least 10,000 subscribers.
  • Super Chat payments: if you want your fans to have the ability to pay to have their messages highlighted in your live chats during your live streams. you must be at least 18 and live in a country where the feature is offered.

Sell your own merchandise

Let’s talk about merchandise and the opportunities around it for YouTube creators. And not just the big YouTubers, even smaller channels can offer merch to their subscribers.

Merchandise for your channel is meant to feed your audience’s connection with you. It means you merch must be unique.

This is simple. Just follow YouTube’s official guide for sell your merchandise.

There are few steps. Just follow it.

Step 1: Create and design your product

Step 2: Source and build your product

  • You will need a manufacturer and supplier to make and deliver your product.

Step 3: Create your shop and page

  • You will need separate website to sell your product and you can link it directly on your videos.

Step 4: Promote your products in your videos

Create sponsored content

Firstly, find a brand to partner to make a deal with you. Also, consider signing up with an influencer marketing platform. these are intermediary websites that help marketing teams find appropriate influencers to work with.

Get your fans to pay you directly

As a creator, you’re contributing your voice to the internet without forcing your audience to pay for admission. So, if you are offering good content, your audience might be inclined to support you on an ongoing basis.

Many fan funding platforms offer creators another place for people to discover their content and a way to engage their most loyal audience and reward them for their support.

Also, you can host a live chat to get fan fundings via super chat. Your viewers can make their comments more visible—they’re highlighted and pinned for a set amount of time depending on how much they pay—in the live chat stream.

You can also offer Patreon or channel memberships that make it easy for creators to get paid. Fans can subscribe to their favorite creators for as little as a dollar a month and receive exclusive rewards.

License your content to the media

If you happen to create a viral video with mass appeal-say, a funny clip featuring your pet-you can license your content in exchange for money.

You can also list your videos in the market place, such as Jukin Media, where your content will be easier for the right people to find and purchase.

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