Best Chairs for office under 5000 rupees – Guide and Review

An average person spends around 50 hours a week on his office chair. So, This becomes an important factor in how you spend your time in the office or work. Selecting the Best Chairs for office 5000 in India for work from home or home office can be challenging as there are so many options available in the market.

In this article, we are writing about the Top 7 best Chairs for the office to buy under 5000 in India. We’ve made deep research to make this list of chairs for office use. I have simply listed the top best office chairs under 5000, so you can choose the one that suits you and your office or place.

Sitting for long hours in incorrect posture, hunched shoulders, and strain on the hip can lead to back pain and similar issues. Therefore it is important to have a comfortable seat. It increases the productivity and efficiency of the person.

We have reviewed some of the best ergonomic chairs under 5000 for you which are under ₹5000, to help you choose the best.

Best chairs for office under 5000 in India List

NameBuy On
Savya Home APEX AM-5002 Apollo Medium Back Office ChairAmazon
Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office ChairAmazon
Urban Ladder Eisner Office ChairAmazon
Seat Chacha Brio Mesh Office ChairAmazon
ADOC Chairs Oren Medium Back Ergonomic Office ChairAmazon
Gardenology Ergonomics Office ChairAmazon
HOF Oliviya 3003 Office ChairAmazon

How to choose the best chairs for office under 5000 in India – Buying Guide  

While choosing the right office chair under 5000 you have to keep some important things in mind. You should look at these factors before purchasing office chairs.

Lumber Support

Lumber or Lower back support is one of the best important things to check when buying an office chair. Sitting for a longer duration of time in an office chair with bad lumbar support can injure your spine for life. 

So, choose an office chair with adjustable lumbar support as it helps for long sittings.


 I will advise you to go with an office chair that has a mesh back rest. You should look for a chair that has a width between 12 and 19 inches. 

The backrest should be able to fit your natural spine curve and should be comfortable for long-period use. 

Seat Fabric

The seat of the chair should have proper padding and a breathable cloth to keep it from becoming hot and prevent any odor. Always find a chair that has a minimum 2 inches thickness of seat cushion so that you can get good comfort.

Swivel and Wheel Base

Most of the chairs contain a wheelbase to move the chair from one place to another in the work area. But you have to look at your work surface first as wheels don’t work on a carpeted surface.

The swivel base allows easy rotation of the chair to swivel freely in the room and have easy access to different things on the desk. It prevents the arm from over-stretching and gives more comfort.

Adjustability and Arm rest

The adjustability of the chair is an important aspect overall. A chair with adjustable height will allow multiple users of different height to be able to use it comfortably.

Features like lumbar support, armrest, backrest, seat angle, and height, should be adjustable with the help of dial control or a hand-held bulb.

The design of the chair should allow the shoulders and arms should rest properly and get enough space to work on the desk.

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Best work from home Chairs for office under 5000 in India

After hours of research, we have listed the top 10 best office chairs in India that you can buy online for yourself. Let’s start with a detailed explanation.

Savya Home APEX AM-5002 Apollo Medium Back Office Chair

Savya Home APEX AM-5002 Apollo Medium Back Office Chair

This is one of the best office chair brands in India. Savya home sells much variety of office chairs in India. And one thing I can say about Savya is that their office chairs under 5000 are the best ones. That’s why it is at the top of our list.

Adjustable armrest feature is not available in this chair. The armrest of the chair is made of strong plastic which is pretty good.

Primary material used to make this chair is co polymer with black contoured meshback. It has Chrome plated Metal Base.

It has a heavy-duty swivel mechanism with tension control. The back of the seat can be sloshing by small-amplitude with up and down adjustment.

You can the recline in this office chair in backward to up to 120 to 115 degree. There is class 4 Gaslift used to provide long durability and pneumatic Gaslift.

Castor wheels are made from nylon that ensures a smooth glide on most surface types. There is High-density seat padding provided to give ultimate comfort.

The chair comes with a one-touch height adjustment feature. And also adjustable lumbar support to pushchair forward or backward.

There is one negative point found is that you need to assemble this chair by yourself. Although toolkit and assembly instructions are provided with it.

Overall, this is quite good office chair under 5000 rupees that you can get it online.

Weight Capacity : 100 kg

Dimensions: 25 Inches by 26 Inches by 38 to 43 Inches

Warranty: 12 Months 

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Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office Chair

While spending long hours on working, sitting on a good chair is a must-have for your body. Green Soul brings you this Simple Designed Mid Back Mesh Chair which allows ventilation & support to your back & thighs while working prolonged hours.

Green Soul has provided 4 different color options with excellent quality of office chairs. You can also use these chairs for work from home under 5000 purpose. They are specially designed for long sittings.

The mesh are Breathable and strong allows air to circulate to keep you cool while leaning & provides relief to back. Seat cushion of this chair is perfectly soft and comfortable.

The thick seat made of moulded foam & fabric for sweat-free sitting ensures comfort to hip and legs. There is fixed armrest but the curved and wider design makes it comfortable.

You can tilt the backrest and also can adjust the tension of the tilt by rotating the tension nob below the seat. Although green soul provides good customer support.

The base of this chair is made from high quality nylon material for good strength and stability. There is a height adjustment feature and it comes with a high-quality hydraulic piston which has smooth functioning & long life.

The rocking mode allows increased relaxation, you can tilt the chair between 90º to 105º by using lever provided.

Weight Capacity : 90 kg

Dimensions: 86 x 45 x 47 Centimeters

Warranty: 1 year

Urban Ladder Eisner Office Chair 

Urban Ladder Eisner Office Chair

Urban Ladder Eisner Office Chair chair has a comfortable structure that supports long sitting hours without causing any strain on the back. This is also a good chair for a long time studying.

This chair comes Preassembled. So, there is no worry about assembling it yourself. The chair has a stylish ergonomic design and flexible mesh backrest that feels very comfortable and reliable.

It has curved arms that support forearms and allows the user to work comfortably. Both the seat and back are curved to provide maximum comfort like the curved armrests of this office chair.

There is only one black color available for this chair. It has gas lift technology to adjust the height of the chair.

It has chrome legs to provide strength and comfort altogether. The base does not look so good but it is more strong than any other plastic chairs at this price range under 5000.

Caster wheels are provided to move chair from one place to another without making any noise.

You can say that this chair is a perfect combination of style and comfort. So if you are looking for both then the Urban ladder is the best chairs for the office, work from home, studying, or long sittings under 5000.

Weight Capacity : 120 kg

Dimensions: 26.9 x 54.9 x 97.8 Centimeters

Warranty: 1 year

Seat Chacha Brio Mesh Office Chair

Seat Chacha Brio Mesh Office Chair

The best thing about Seat Chacha chairs is all the accessories of their office chair have passed the commercial test, which is for your personal safety and long life of the chair.

This chair is available in 5 different colors – Black, Blue, Red, Orange, and Yellow. This is the best thing about this chair that you can choose any color according to your requirements.

You can use this chair for a meeting room, common area, training sessions, office, waiting area, studying, long sitting, or while working from home. There is a Pneumatic height adjustment lever to adjust the height of the chair.

Best part of this chair is their armrest. It is not only curved but also have a depression in the middle, which feels very comfortable while resting your arms.

The back part of the chair is made from breathable mash material that allows air to circulate to keep you cool while sitting.

The front seat edge is like the waterfall that removes pressure from the lower legs and improves circulation. The base of this chair is made from chrome that is very stylish and sturdy.

You need to self assemble this chair although basic DIY assembly and instructions are provided with the chair.

Weight Capacity : 100 kg

Dimensions:  55 x 55 x 25 cm

Warranty: 1 year

ADOC Chairs Oren Medium Back Ergonomic Office Chair

ADOC Chairs Oren Medium Back Ergonomic Office Chair

This is a very simple and good chair that you can buy without any issue. ADOC chairs are budget-friendly and very much strong and sturdy. It is a very trusted brand of chairs for many years.

The material used to make this chair is Co-Polymer with a Black contoured mesh back. The front seat of this chair has a waterfall design which will release pressure from your thighs and lower legs.

It has a Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment feature to change the height of the chair according to needs. The thickness of the chair is 3 inches for day-long comfort.

This chair will come semi assembled rest of part is easy to assemble all by yourself. As the basic instructions and tool kit is provided with it.

The fabric used to make the cushion is very soft and comfortable. and the fabric is also pretty good. The armrest of this chair is very comfortable however it is not adjustable.

One negative point we found is that you will not get adjustable lumbar support. but the design of the back of the chair is made like a spine so it is very comfortable.

It has a very Sturdy Base and they provide 3 years of manufacturer warranty. This is the best thing about this chair. So if you are looking for stylish and long-lasting office chairs ADOC chairs are the best chairs for office use under 5000 rupees.

Weight Capacity : 100 kg

Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 110 cm

Warranty: 3 year

Gardenology Ergonomics Office Chair

Gardenology Ergonomics Office Chair

Gardenology Ergonomics are the Best chairs under 5000 in India that you can get for your home office or for work from home purposes. This is chair is absolutely perfect and comfortable.

At this price range, They are providing a Height adjustable armrest which is very amazing. You can adjust the height of the armrest based on your comfort. Generally, you will not see this feature at this price range.

The seat of this chair is made from High-Density PU Foam seat which is not too soft and not too hard hence it will surely give you enough comfort.

This office chair comes with a gas lift feature which will help you to adjust the height of the chair.

This office chair comes with single point tilt mechanism. So, You will be able to tilt the office chair backwards and lie to relax a bit which will finally give you the best ergonomic experience.

The chrome legs of this chair are capable to carry heavy weight upto 120 Kgs.

The back seat is made from breathable mesh so there will be enough airflow and your back will not get sweaty by sitting for a longer duration of time.

Weight Capacity : 120 kg

Dimensions: 20 x 22.5 x 37-42 Inches

Warranty: 1 year

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HOF Oliviya 3003 Office Chair

HOF Oliviya 3003 Office Chair

The HOF Oliviya 3003 is a multipurpose team chair, it can be used in the office, in the study room, or while working from home. 

Oliviya 3003 is a chair that sees everyone as coequal. It has a remarkable universal shape that fits every body type and a wide armrest for your hands. The chair also enables automatic movements that are relative to your body, thereby enabling flexibility.

The backrest and the seat are thickly padded with high-density foam which is very soft and maintains its shape after long hours of use. 

Oliviya 3003 comes with an adjustable seat height feature. Gas lift technology is used to adjust height.

Oliviya 3003 is stocked with a permanent contact mechanism. This feature makes it possible to move the backrest of the chair forward and backward. It has also a lock system that helps to fix the backrest in the same position.

Oliviya 3003 also provides 360 degree swivel feature to increase your flexibility. It requires self assembly after purchasing chair online. DIY and assembly instructions are given with the delivery.

 Its base is made from metal with dual caster wheels which very smooth make no noise while moving. You can use this chair on multiple surfaces easily without any marks of sliding.

Weight Capacity : 120 kg

Dimensions:  69.6 x 61.47 x 33.02 cm

Warranty: 1 year


 If you want the best chair under 5000 rupees for office, your work from home, or study purpose in India, GARDENOLOGY Ergonomics Office Chair is the best choice for you without any doubt.

There are many options available online but you should look for more features in lowest price. All chairs have height adjustment and swivel feature bur you should look for armrest adjustment, back lock system etc.

That’s all about the top 7 best chairs for office and work from home purpose in India. If you have any queries or suggestions for us then you can just comment down below and let us know about those. Our team will respond to you within 24 hours.

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