Best Air Freshener Brands In India for Home, Office, Bedroom

Hello friends, welcome back to The trendy business. In this article, we are writing about the Top 8 Air freshener brands in India. The human nose can smell and uniquely identify over 1 trillion odours.

Summer can be a hard season to deal with, not only because of the hot weather but also because it usually makes our homes and offices smell like sweat all day. If you want to spend your time in a more comfortable smelling environment, then you should consider buying a fragrance for your room. 

These products are commonly known as home fragrances, room fresheners, or air fresheners, and their use should not be limited to the bathroom.

In this article, you will read about Top 8 Best room freshener spray brands in India along with its link where you can purchase it online, Types of air fresheners, and complete buyers guide to help you chose the right one.

What Is An Air Freshener?

A Room Air Freshener is an odor masking agent. People usually call it just Room Freshener. It is an artificial pleasant smell that can defeat the foul one around. Canned sprays with aerosols are the most commonly used. Indian homes are quickly adopting air fresheners in some form or place. 

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Types Of Air Fresheners

There are many types of room air fresheners available in the market. Let’s see.


Air Freshener sprays are the most common type now these days. Sprays help diffuse the aroma much faster. The best benefit of sprays is that they activate only when we want them to. 

They come in tin bottles with a nozzle on top, and when the room needs to be freshened, the nozzle is pressed. They spread only as much aroma for which we press the nozzle. Nothing more or less.


This popular category was firstly introduced by Glade. These are the next most popular type of air fresheners in the modern-day. They function like mosquito repellent mechanisms of All-out or Goodnight. 

Air fresheners are costlier but they make sure even spreading of scent. You can refill it when it’s over. This is the main benefit of Plug-in air fresheners.


As the name suggests this air freshener comes in form of Gel. These are special types of room fresheners because they use the movement of air to carry the scent everywhere.

Mostly, Gel is placed in a small container having a provision to close the opening at will. When air comes in contact with the gel, it gets saturated with the scent. It takes more time than Sprays or Plug-in to spread the odor.


Potpourri or ‘Potli’ uses 100% organic ingredients for the scent. They are similar to gels. They both come in a small container but they don’t use any mechanism to spread the scent. Because Potpourris are made from scent imitating ingredients.

They are completely natural so Potpourris are specially designed for people who are very concerned about the environment. You can also use them for years in continuation without any health hazard. 

Scented Candles

Scented candles are the most unconventional type of air freshener present on this list, and hence their popularity is also quite less compared to the rest of the types.

The wax is used for making the candles is infused with pleasant fragrances. When it melts due to the lighting of the candle, that fragrance comes out into the surroundings.

So, These are the main types of Air Fresheners available in the market. You can find many other types also as innovators are coming up with various variations in the world of air fresheners. Now let’s See Top 8 Air Freshener Brands In India.

Top 8 Air Freshener Brands In India – List

Buy FromRatingBuy From
Odonil Room Spray3.5/5Amazon
Mangala campure Jasmine Cone3.8/5Amazon
Ambi Pur Air Freshener4/5Amazon
Godrej Air fresheners 3.7/5Amazon
Airwick Freshmatic Life Scents3.7/5Amazon
Airpro Luxury Sphere3.8/5Amazon
Iris Potpourri in Rose3.9/5Amazon
Elioria Lavender Scented Candles3.6/5Amazon

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Best Air Freshener Brands In India – Buying Guide

Let us first discuss how you should choose the best room air freshener brands in India since there are many options available today and each one has a different effect.

Look for the Right Type

The delivery method of an air freshener depends on the type of air freshener. There are around 4-5 types of air fresheners and an equal number of delivery methods.

If you want to instantly remove bad odor, then you should prefer the spray types as they have an immediate impact.

However, if you want your surroundings to smell nice all around the clock, then you should use a gel type of plug-in as their effect is long term. 


Sustainability is the amount of time the air freshener is going to last, and just like scents, it is different for every product and depends on the usage of the individual.

If you want a long-lasting fragrance, then you should use a room freshener that has essential oils or scents derived from plants. Natural fragrances and essential oils not only smell great but are also perfect for relaxing the body and the mind.

The Intensity of the Scent

This is a very important aspect because everyone has a different choice; some may like really musky air freshener, while others may prefer more floral ones.

Whether we like a scent or not can also depend on how strong it is; some of us like fragrances that are really strong while others prefer lighter ones.

Therefore you should choose scent of your type only.


The cost of product will always be the most important factor while deciding if it is good or not. Similarly, it holds good for air fresheners as well. A person will always prefer one which gives great value for money.

Because of high competition in this field, it is the consumer who gets the most benefits.

Now Without getting late let’s go to our main topic Top 9 best air freshener in India.

Odonil Room Spray Home Freshener

best air freshener in india

Odonil is an Indian multinational company. This Company is nothing but Dabur industries. It is one of the top ayurvedic companies in the world and has been a household name in India for many decades.

They produce a range of products, everything from eatables to ointments, sprays, etc. Odonil is one of the best air freshener brands in India for many years.

This Product Only comes in 200 ml Bottles. This can be used in all spaces living room, bedroom, shoe racks, kitchen sinks. So, You can use it in any place where the smell is not pleasant.

It is available in many different fragrances like lavender, jasmine, rose, sandalwood, and citrus. Odonil is a long-lasting product with less price compared to other air fresheners.

One Negative point found is that It doesn’t have any special features like multi-layer fragrances, intensity control, etc.

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Mangala Campure Jasmine Cone

Top 9 air freshener in india

This Product combines age-old Indian traditions with modern techniques to give a product. The manufacturer of this product is Mangalam organics.

It is an Indian company based in Mumbai and makes products like camphor, resin, and sodium acetate. They have been in this field for over 50 years and also export their product to the US, Europe, and Africa.

Camphor is made from the sap of coniferous trees found in high altitudes like the Himalayas. Its active life is way more than traditional gels and sprays as it can be used for 45 days straight.

Mangalam offers various combinations of fragrances like Rose, Sandalwood, Lavender, and Jasmine. Just hang the cone in a corner and get a mosquito-free room. Mangalam cones can be used in cars, bedrooms, cupboards, and toilets.

It is a completely natural product, and no need to worry about the impact of air fresheners the health. It helps in preventing diseases like H1N1, Dengue, Malaria, etc as it is certified by World Health Organization (W.H.O.)

Negative Points : The cost of this product is very high.

Caution! : Always keep Camphor cone away from small children. Camphor can be dangerous if ingested or eaten. Do not make holes thinking that it may increase the scent output. Instead, all the camphor will get evaporated quickly.

Ambi Pur Air Effect Air Freshener

air fresheners in india

Ambi Pur is a subsidiary of P&G products, which is the largest manufacturer of household products in the world. No other company matches the design of the products they manufacture and the variety of industries that they cover in the world. 

They make soaps, shampoos, detergents, air fresheners, toothpaste, batteries, baby products, make-up items, and many other day-to-day basic products.

The bottle comes with around 275 ml of liquid air freshener that is enough for many months if used in balance. It uses the Ambi pur patented 3 step method to kill the bad odors.

Ambi pur uses cyclodextrin, which catches the molecules, causing the odor. It uses pH neutralizers to remove the molecules and reactive aldehydes to convert them into fresh smelling things.

This product comes in total of 8 different varieties like Sandalwood, Citrus Powder, Rose and Blossom, Vanilla and Spice, Lavender Bouquet, etc. It is made from 95% of water so it’s non-flammable.

Godrej Aer Air Freshener Spray

godrej aer spray

Godrej is also one of the topmost trusted Air Freshener brands in India. They also have a variety of brands that manufacture a lot of necessary everyday items.

Godrej first let out car fresheners back in 2012 bringing in revolutionary technology that changed the game of car fresheners. Then, due to the Great success, They started other types of air fresheners. 

Godrej Aer Scents are mild and not too strong. This Product Can be used anywhere – Bedroom, Living Room, Workspaces & Public Spaces. You can use it in your cars as well.

They have a long-lasting fragrance, that works with a simple push. This product is Available in 5 fragrance variants – Cool Surf Blue, Morning Misty Meadows, Fresh Lush Green, Musk After Smoke, and Petal Crush Pink.

Fragrances are mild and can be considered the most refreshing. So we can say that this is such a great product.

The Cons to this product are that the smell barely lasts for even 20 minutes and you have to spray it again to keep your room smelling fresh. Due to this, the product runs out quickly, and the longest you could use it for would be around a month.

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Air Wick Freshmatic Life Scents

air wick automatic room fresheners

Air Wick is a brand that has an eminent history in the air freshener world and is also one of the oldest companies in this industry that are currently running. 

The company has its origins in the US and was started between World war 2. Today, the company is based in more than 60 countries and offers a broad range of products, covering almost every type of air freshener, like sprays, plug-ins, scented candles, gels, etc.

The current product we have here for you is one of the best air fresheners in India. They offer multi-layer fragrances so that it can be used for any occasion and in any weather conditions. 

This is Available in fragrance – Turquoise Oasis, Summer Delights, Citrus Spice, Morning Rose Dew, and Cosy by the Fire.

The active life of up to 60 days and the intensity of spray and odor can be customized. So If you need a long-lasting automatic product this can be a great choice for you.

Airpro Luxury Sphere Gel Air Freshener

air pro air freshner in india

Airpro is an international brand that manufactures products of very high quality. It is considered a premium brand, and hence the cost of its products is also high. 

They say that nature and pop culture provide the main inspiration for their products. This can be clearly seen in the design of this product. Airpro is a brand that is fueled by innovation, creativity, and a multi-cultural setting.

This air freshener is mainly for cars and other automobiles but can also be used for homes, office spaces, and bathrooms too. It is a combo of different smells.

This product is designed to keep the environment fresh for a long time. The design of the product is very premium and looks very good when compared to most other air fresheners.

This product comes into three fragrance – Cirtus, Lush and Fresh Water. It is designed to use in different environments.

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Iris Potpourri Air Freshener

iris potpourris fragrance

Potpourris are nothing but a casing of naturally aromatic flower petals or leaves. Dried petals, fruits, leaves or plants are used in Potpourri. Potpourris have limited reach and mild scent.

Still, these are a great natural way of achieving freshness. A large number of potpourri products are available on Amazon. 

This products are 100% organic and made with healthy ingredients. They Promotes MSME and helps small farmers and businessmen.  The problem with these is that the fragrance is not consistent and tends to weaken with time.

These products are not so long-lasting you can use them for a month only. Iris is providing the best Potpourries for years and now it is one of the best air freshener brands in India.

Iris Potpourri is available in fragrances like – Lavender, Apple Cinnamon, Jasmine, and Rose. So if you want a completely natural fragrance then this can be your choice.

 Elioria Lavender Scented Candles

scented canldes natural

Scented candles are a very special type of air freshener that is different from others. Their working principle is the same as those of plug-ins, but instead of electric heating, direct heat from a flame is used

The wax is infused with fragrance to create a pleasant atmosphere. Scented candles are generally used for special functions like anniversaries, marriages, etc and provide a romantic touch.

Elioria is perhaps the smallest company on this list and being run from home by an Indian couple. The candle is completely hand made, and this ensures the complete attention of the manufacturers towards quality.

These candles are made with a unique blend of vegetable waxes and fine fragrance oils. Eliora candles burn cleanly & evenly for 30 hours or more considering safe burning instructions are followed.

The candle can burn for 30 hours at once, but the recommended usage is 2 hours in one session. These candles are environmentally friendly.

Elioria Scented Candles are available in three fragrances – Lavender, Jasmine, and Vanilla.


With our busy lifestyles, it is important that we create an environment that makes us feel more composed and helps to uplift our spirits. Having the right kind of room air freshener can completely change the experience of being in a particular room, so you should pay close attention when choosing a fragrance.

We learned that we should prefer air fresheners with natural ingredients. If not natural, go for mild scents that do not give you or others headaches. Understand that preferences and liking for aromas differ from person to person. Hence, try out different brands and products instead of believing other people’s reviews.

 That’s all about the Top 8 air freshener brands in India. If you have any queries or suggestions for us then you can just comment down below and let us know about those. 

So, That’s all. I hope that this post will be very helpful to you buying from Top 8 air freshener brands in India. Hope you like this blog. For getting more knowledge about business stays tuned with us. Don’t forget to follow our all social media accounts.

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