Best 10 Apps To Earn Money By Playing Games Online

Now a days Games is one of the most trending things in all over world. Play online games is not just for entertainment or anymore. You can play games and also earn money by playing games. Such as fantasy cricket, football, casinos, and many more.

There are many outstanding and best games on internet that can help you to earn money online. If you are someone who loves playing games then you can earn money and also develop your gaming skills with these games.

In today’s article i will be sharing some important apps and some tips that can help you to earn money money by playing games online.

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Let’s start with gaming apps

10 Best Apps to Play Games for earn money

Did you know How to earn money just by playing some games? There are many opportunities to making money online, In this earning by playing games is most popular.

There is no need to buy PlayStation, Videogames, Xbox or any other gaming machines on market to get paid. All you need is computer or mobile, internet, and also some your gaming experience.

1. WinZo

Ever wondered how to earn thousands per month, WinZo gold is the app for you guys. WinZo is India’s first gaming app, Where you can play games and earn money or also win a lot of exiting prizes for real.

In this app a player has to participate in different challenge or game and answer all simple and common questions correctly.

You can play 10 plus casual games, online quiz, fantasy leagues and compete with the live audience and earn money through your skills.

You also need very small investment such as Rs. 10. This app is generous enough to provide you with Rs. 10 of game cash per signup.

If you have a good fanbase on YouTube, WhatsApp, or also on Facebook you can avail the benefits of SuperStar scheme.

  • Rs. 5 per install via your SuperStar link.
  • Rs. 2 per game play.
  • Rs. 15 per add cash of follower.
  • Rs. 200 on SuperStar reg of follower.

Download WinZo app: WinZo India

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2. Dream 11

Dream 11 app is very popular app and also it has been downloaded more than 1 million times. People of India are very crazy about this dream 11 app only because of IPL.

Many people are betting lot of money on it so that they can earn a big amount. Thousands of people have earned Rs.1,000 per week from this trending app.

Let’s discuss about most important thing “how to win cash from Dream11 App?”

If you have good knowledge about cricket, football and also about basketball. Then here is the good place to earn from this app.

Dream11 began as a cricket fantasy platform but now become a fantasy sports platform with many types of sports. Such as cricket, football, basketball, atc.

Before any live match, you need to make a team on this app by selecting a player from both teams. If your players performances is good, they you earn points and get a rank. After then if your rank is qualified for winning amount you earn.

The biggest benefit this app is you can make multiple teams and also join multiple contests. This proccess id increase your chance or possibility of winning.

Download from here: Dream11

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3. Paytm First Games

Paytm’s have own gaming platform known as Paytm First games. Which allows you to play many funny and also small games and earn paytm cash.

Paytm First Games is a one kind of unique gaming portal in which people play various games and convert the winning into paytm cash. Some of popular games from this gaming portal are listed below:

  • Ludo.
  • Rummy.
  • First Captains.
  • Snake Wars.
  • Tom and Jerry Maze.
  • Jelly Crush.
  • Danger Dash.
  • Panda Stacking.

Also in this portal there are lot of other games as well that captivate you. The simple logic of this portal is Play free online games to earn money.

In this app Paytm allows you to earn up to Rs. 1000 and also is loaded with 300+ games and contests. Earning money via paytm is not very tough for non technical person.

Click here for download Paytm First Games

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4. MPL

Full form of MPL is Mobile premier league. The simple concept of this app is play simple mini games and earn money along a way.

MPL only requires to installation and one account in application at first. Mobile number is require for creating account.

MPL is also one king of gaming platform where you can play several games. There are many various games available in MPL. But some of the most popular games is PUBG mobile, pool, ludo, chess, fruit chop, etc.

In this platform There are total more than 40+ games to play and also for earning money. MPL does’n allow you to use the whole bonus amount in joint a gaming competition.

Unlike WinZo this also this bonus cannot be withdrawn. We can withdraw earning money directly in our bank account via UPI id.

If you don’t want to link your bank UPI id there are Paytm wallet and Amazon pay available for withdraw your money.

Click here for download MPL

5. PUBG Mobile

If you are using smartphone and internet most probably you heard a name of PUBG mobile. PUBG mobile is most popular and interesting game for today’s youth.

You can play PUBG as an individual, duo, or also in a squad format. If you want to make money by playing this game read below tips:

  • Play online tournaments.
  • Sell in-game items.
  • Sell your game account.
  • Bet on tournament results.
  • Stream or upload your video on YouTube
  • Getting & finding sponsors.

If you are interested in YouTube parallel gaming then best channel idea is start a gaming YouTube channel. YouTube is very important platform to make passive income.

Also if you don’t want to start YouTube then participate in different online tournaments with cash prizes. Prizes are awarded in a leaderboard fashion. Some online platforms for make money by playing PUBG mobile is:

  • Toornament
  • GamerzArena

Another way for earning from PUBG is sign up for the North American league and also official Europe league tournaments. compete with your competitiors and get a chance to win a share of the Euro 1,000,000 prize pool.

6. Rummy Circle

I know many questions in your mind regarding

If you know about how to play rummy, there is a trusted site called a Rummy circle. Rummy circle is legal website for earning money. It falls “Game of skills”.

Now Rummy circle is India’s largest portal for playing cards online. Joining Rummy circle is very easy and also free of cost.

You can play several types of games in this Rummy circle platform. In this you don’t allows for spending more than your capabilities.

If you don’t know anything about rummy, first play free games for your practice. And then move to playing for making money where you need to invest money.

There are many types of rummy available for play games and earn money:

  • 13 card points Rummy
  • Pool Rummy
  • Rummy Circle Tournaments
  • Deals Rummy

It is also important to note that If you want to earn money from this then you have to invest some money on the table.

Download from here: Rummy Circle

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7. Pokerbaazi

If you want to make some fast and easy money without really working hard for it log on to pokerbaazi.

There is already a user base of more than one lakh players on it. Also starting on this website is really very easy. To register your account there is need of your email address after then choose valid name and also fill other details.

If you don’t want to bid high at first, start with free entry tournaments. Once you’ve consume your poker skills then yo can move to the table where bet are high and the game is on.

As you play on, you get coins as reward. you can get playing chips if you still wanna go on. Also if you want to quit there is many reward such as iphone, Mackbook, etc.

Before you actually play on table read all terms and conditions for your kind information.

Click here :

8. My11circle

As suggests above in dream11 you know that what is fantacy cricket. Fantacy cricket is a platform where you can participate in a contest with your assemble imaginary teams of real players.

For take part in contest you need to create one or more team from both side players. My11circle is new fantacy cricket platform so in this competition is low and also you can earn big.

There is condition for withdrawal. you can withdraw a min Rs. 100 from your earning.

Also there are many benefits of My11circle. Such as no KYC required, no Pan card required, very less competitions and many other benefits.

Free bonus also available on your first deposit. Unlike dream11 or any other game state in this no need PAN card to redeem your earning. So if you want to make money with cricket game it is a great part of this.

Download My11circle from here.

9. 8 Ball pool

If you like to play pool there is India’s ultimate real money pool game app 8 ball pool.

You can play the most authentic real money 8 ball pool game and also win cash or money anytime, anywhere. Play with real players or challenge your friends to win money.

Engage with 8 ball pool and make the best use of your skills of gaming. You can choose from hundreds of tournaments with different amount of cash.

Create your account with very simple steps and register for free. You can also start playing tournaments and win cash with entry of just Rs. 5.

10. Dhani by Indiabulls

Firstly, Dhani app is developed by Indiabulls. It is one stop for your financial need. Dhani has some exiting way for spend you time by playing games and earn money.

It gives a chance to earn money daily by playing games. You can earn cash up to Rs. 100 daily from this platform. Also in this you can get instant personal loans, credit line.

Dhani provides you a wallet to magane your all payments on this app. Personal loans are also available from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15 ,00,000. With help of money earned by this app you can do many thiings. Such as mobile recharge, bill payments and many more.

This is the easiest way to earn money by playing games. So Download the dhani app and start playing games and also earn money.

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