7 Best Comic Creator Apps For Android And IOS – 2021

Welcome Back to thetrendybusiness.com. today in this article we will discuss which are the best free comic creator apps for android or iOS. Everyone loves reading storybooks with beautiful images and comics.

Do you like comic books? If your answer is yes and if you want to create your own comic. It is really hard to write the whole story and draw characters.

All children are creators. They draw, play, and use their imagination to create fantasy worlds and characters that are funny or powerful or really, really silly. Moreover, A comic strip is a new way to channel their creativity to capture it in images and words.

There are many apps present both in the Play Store and App Store to frame beautiful stories with great graphics and pretty backgrounds. Some of them even have for the animation feature. Here is the list of the 7 free greatest story and comic creator apps for android or IOS.

And today’s article is about the free 7 best comic creator apps for android & IOS. Through this article, you can find the best comic maker app for you. ]

Difference Between Comic book and Comic Strip

There is a huge difference between a comic book and a comic strip. In simple words, A comic book is a whole story where a comic strip is a part of a comic book

You can take marvel’s example to understand it easily. You can consider Comic books such as Batman, Spiderman, Iron man, etc. And the Comic strip of this can be the XKCD comic or in your regular newspaper. 

So, Creating a comic book is tougher job than creating a comic strip. You would need storyboarding, scripting and days of sketch work to make a Comic book. While, Comic strip is an informal of your daily life which is much shorter and can be done in one go.

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The list of free best comic creator apps for android and IOS

You will see lots of comic maker applications over the play store and app store to create comics. Some of them are really good and some of them are really worthless.

But on this list, you will find some marvelous apps that are taken by their features. Few apps have some simple and unique features and some of them have some common features as well.  So, Let’s start our main topic of 7 best free comic creator apps for android and IOS.

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 1. Cartoon comic strip maker

best comic making apps in 2020

You can create your funny comic using this application and also you can share your comics with your friends. Using this app you can create your comic book, cartoons, and meme also.

It is a simple app and does what the name says. There is a drag and drop system available all you have to do just select your wanted cartoon characters with amazing backgrounds.

There are some built-in templates also available for comic strips. Many bunches of human characters ranging from children to teenagers, superheroes, full-grown men, and even animated characters.

This app contains special features to create your comic in a funny way. You can share your funny comic on social media to make laugh with your friends.


  • 100+ different characters are available to choose from.
  • Different types of text bubbles.
  • HD cartoon backgrounds.
  • Can save your comic in JPEG or PDF.
  • Some o the built-in features available.
  • You can share your comic story with your all friends.


  • Custom text options not available.
  • Can’t import gallery photos and customize them.
  • No option to make a comic book.

Available for : Android

2. Comica   

Comica is completely free to use and it has really simple UX(User Experience). You can give a real-life touch to your comic strips. Comica allows you to import photos from the gallery or click a picture to make your comic.

Also, you can take a new photo through this application. There are some filters available to use, after choosing any filter you can add some text balloon to create a “comic effect”.

Comica provides you contrast, Brightness, saturation and detail slider to adjust the filter and to get a perfect edit.

There are 8 text bubbles available to create your dialogues and write your stories for the whole scene. Once the comic is completed then you can export it on JPEG or PDF file format.

So if you want to make comics with a real-life touch on an Android phones then this is the Best Comic Maker App For Android.


  • Also a meme creator.
  • Easy to use – Simple User Experience.
  • It is simple and light it runs smoothly on any phone.
  • App contains legit-looking comics effects.
  • Can also import your real-life photos.
  • Free to use.


  • Inbuilt comic characters and multiple fonts are missing.
  • No option to make a comic book.

Available for : Android

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3. Comic Strip-Comic Maker 

free comic creator apps for android and ios

Comic Strip – Comic Maker is for IOS/Apple users. It is similar to Comica with just extra features like filters, fonts, sources, and chats bubbles. 

The process to create a comic strip in Comic Strip-Comic Maker is straightforward. First of all, choose a cartoon character then open your camera to take a photo or select it from the gallery. 

Comic Strip – Comic Maker uses a combination of filters to give an excellent look to your images. You can also add a color gradient on top of the comic to give different look. 

One good feature of this app is it allows you to select images in bulk, then it uses automatic filters and does automatic correction to create a proper view. After that, you can add stickers, text bubbles, filters, titles, and many more.

Then you can share these comics with people near you once they are completed. With all these features this is the best comic maker app for IOS devices.


  • Can select images in bulk.
  • Different types of layouts available.
  • Provides the Auto filtering process.
  • You can adjust the border.
  • Manual filtering also available.
  • Variety of Textures, stickers, text bubbles, and titles.
  • Many stylish fonts to use.
  • Easy sharing option available.


  • Inbuilt comic templates & characters.

Available forIOS, iPad

4. MediBang Paint   

7 best comic maker apps

All the apps above mentioned are having an automatic comic creation process for you. They don’t really produce out the artistic skill in you.

MediBang allows you to create a comic from a sketch. However, MediBang is more of a painting app where you can design your characters and then export them to create a comic strip.

There is no inbuilt chat bubbles or comic strips which you can import and drop into your comic. It has brushes and pencil tools and the iPad or tablet is the best option to use MediBang Paint.

MediBang Paint also has so many fonts, pre-made backgrounds, and other resources. It is easy to use once you understand how it works.

This app is available for all devices like Windows, macOS, IOS, and Android. The layout of MediBang is similar to Photoshop where all the tools are on the left, the canvas on the center, and the layers laid out are on the right.

MediBang Paint also gives access to use their cloud storage once you register with them. So you can easily backup, manage, and share your works.

Overall, this is an excellent app to make your own comic strips. This app helps to bring out the artist’s skill inside you. In our opinion, this is the best comic maker app for android and IOS both.


  • Provides 100+ free brushes.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • Tons of resources for free.
  • Many fonts for free to use.
  • You can use custom images to draw a picture.
  • Has cloud storage.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Templates not available.
  • No in-built chat bubbles.

Available forAndroid, iPad, Mac Os, IOS and Windows

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5. Comic Puppets lite

best comic maker apps for android and ios

Comic Puppets Lite is one of the best free comic creator apps for android and IOS. It can be the best choice to express your creativity. It is available for iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Comic Puppets Lite has its own community called “comicpuppeteers”. You can join this community and get the benefit of a huge gallery of characters and backgrounds. Moreover, you can customize your own photo to create comics.

You can put characters in any position you want. It provides many objects like hats, wings, expressions, etc.

The interface of Comic puppets lite is very User-Friendly. You can also make strips to wish someone’s birthday, festivals, make some funny memes and share it with your friends to make them Lough.


  • Comic Puppet has a community called “comicpuppeteers”.
  • Huge gallery of characters.
  • So many backgrounds provided.
  • You can personalize your own photos.
  • Has so many stickers like hats, expressions, wings, etc.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Share option available.

Available forAndroid, iPad, IOS

6. Comic and Meme Creator  

best story making apps for android and ios in 2020

To start your project in Comic and meme creator, you will need to log in with either your email id or Facebook id. Working in this app is based on frames. You can create a series of frames to make a meaningful story for the comic.

Comic and meme creator also allows importing your custom characters. Then you can invent something new by this one and also share it with your friends and your family.

After selecting a frame you can objects, extra, background, and moving background to it. You can also add memes, effects, faces, photos from the gallery, and pictures from the camera to the frame.

You want to add a text area then you have 8 different kinds of text areas for that specific purpose. In Comic and meme creator you can change your comic into JPEG or GIF file and save & share it with your friends.


  • A huge collection of characters, objects, and backgrounds are available.
  • Can share your comics with the other users of this app.
  • It has like, comment and share options to get connected with other comic makers.
  • Export your comics as JPEG or animated GIF

Available for : Android, IOS

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7. Rage Comic Creator – DocoMix

Rage Comic Creator is one of the best free comic creator apps for android and ios If you have any funny ideas to create comics or memes.

You can also create funny comics, rage comics, funny memes, funny jokes, stories, presentations, and more by using this app. You can also add text, characters, and choose any funny faces or troll faces whatever you like.

After creating your work, you can simply share these works with your friends via Twitter, Email, and Facebook in different file formats like JPEG, GIF etc.

One good feature of Rage comic creator is that you can also fix your time between two slides. Moreover, Docomix is so entertaining app. And that’s why this is one of the best comic creator apps for android.


  • Free packages like backgrounds, text bubbles, stylish fronts, and more.
  • You can add custom text to your images.
  • Personalize your text colors and fonts.
  • Import images by camera.
  • Insert any images from your phone gallery.
  • Export/Save comics as JPEG or GIF.
  • Search on the internet for the images,
  • You can fix your time between slides.

Available for : Android


With the help of the comic maker apps in the above mentioned list, you can readily create and share your own creative tales, comics, funny memes and what you got!

You can choose any app or even more than one app depending on you which type of comic you want to make like a pictorial story, a simple comic, a rage comic, or a chat story. Hope you will be able to choose the best free comic creator apps for android and ios.

We will update our list if we find any other good Comic Story maker. If you have any queries or suggestions for us then you can just comment down below and let us know about those. Our team will respond to you within 24 hours.

Hope you like this blog. To get more knowledge about business stay tuned with us. Don’t forget to follow our all social media accounts.

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