20 Best YouTube Video ideas That will Go Viral

YouTube has over a billion users worldwide. So it’s essential to make a YouTube channel if you want to build a following. But with so many video formats out there. It can be a struggle to know which YouTube video ideas are best for your brand.

Let’s start to discuss about it….

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video sharing platform/service that allows users to watch videos posted by other users and upload videos of their own.

Want to be an instant celebrity or a sensation all around the world? Well! It is possible because it is very much possible after the advent of the internet.

Yes, anyone among us can be a celebrity at least on the internet. And also become famous without the need of a mainstream media.

You need a camera or your mobile phone, record videos and upload them on the YouTube. It does not matter where you live in the world or what you do.

In order to make earning easy for you ,i have listed 20 best YouTube video ideas that are sure shot hits in 2020.

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20 Best and Creative YouTube Video Ideas

The best way to be successful on YouTube is to focus on a niche. so, if you are searching for ideas for your YouTube channel, here are 20 of most popular YouTube channel ideas for your guidance.

1. Tech & Gadget Reviews

Tech gadgets like smartphones, laptops and tablets are always fascinating for new-generation users. One of the easiest YouTube video ideas is gadget reviews especially smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Also, a channel on tech-review helps to attract more visitors you need to create your own brand. Find out exciting ways to keep your audience engaged as multiple channels are working in same genre.

If you’re good at explaining the complicated features and putting your views. Starting a review channel is something you should consider.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • Technical Guruji
  • Mrwhosetheboss

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2. Lifehacks

These are one of my favorite videos, and i can watch and also enjoy them for hour without getting bored.

If you’re creative and have some tricks under your sleeves, start a life hack channel. You can talk about airport hacks, shopping, money saving and also daily life hacks.

One thing you’ll notice is, these videos are’t too long.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • Bright side
  • 123 GO! Genius

3. Health & Fitness tips

What’s the first place you go to get some health tips or workout plans? Either Google or Also a YouTube. But if you need some exercises and workouts, it is better to watch it someone performing rather than written instructions.

Fitness and health related channels are a huge hit. And also if you have a story which can connect viewers, you’ll able to stand all. If you are too shy to face the camera but good at animation, you can create an animated character.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • Jordan Yeoh Fitness
  • Rohit Khatri Fitness
  • djrxp

4. Education videos

Now a days and in future education will very popular topic on internet. One of the best YouTube video ideas is upload on YouTube is ‘How to’ Videos or ‘tutorial’ videos teaching about a specific topic.

For example- If you know Mobile app development then you can create video like “Top 10 shortcuts of mobile app development”.

People are mostly hooked to tutorial videos on many topics. Here you need to put an extra effort to create quality videos.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • Unacademy
  • Geeky Shows

5. Digital Marketing & Blogging

It is a topic which is often overshadowed by business, marketing, or education. But i am talking about is separately.

Blogging is no longer a weekend hobby but a professional career choice. Which is used by thousand of people to make million every year. It allows you to work at your own comfort, place, and time.

Digital marketing is a broader niche which covers search engine, social media, and also many more. If you are very talented in this things make a channel on this topic. This is very popular topic in 21 century.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • Digital Pratik
  • Harsh Agarwal

6. Record a prank videos

Very famous YouTube video idea in our list are prank videos. Although prank videos look comparatively easier to record they can be quite challenging.

If you are into video-blogging and cannot hit the street to record a prank video. Then you can start directly from your home or also from your office. Prank a co-worker and film it and then put it on you tube.

You can start playing a prank with your roommates by wearing colorful masks and annoying them.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • RomanAtwood
  • theCHAIZYchannel

7. Makeup & Beauty

Are you the go to person in your group when your pals need a makeup done for special occasions? Or just like to apply different beauty products and improve your look?

If, yes starting a YouTube channel which talks about reviews, makeup, hacks and also many more.

This type of YouTube channel ideas require you to face the camera and also connect with viewers.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • Beauty club
  • RachhLoves

8. Travel videos

Traveling the world is a dream almost everyone wants to accomplish. And what’s better than earning money while traveling and your videos cover the expenses?

Starting a travel YouTube video is a great idea for those who wish to roam around the world. Recording your experiences, creating beautiful memories and also earn at the same time.

Due to the competition, you will have to have a unique perspective and also some video skills to stand out. Also, there is an investment required to buy cameras, travel gears and many things. However , if you can attract an audience, you’ll cover up the expenses pretty soon.

YouTube Channel Example:

  • Cartis Mallan
  • Erik Conover

9. Create videos on gaming

Show your gaming skills and record videos with your friends about new games and their reviews. This is one of may favorite YouTube video ideas.

Post videos on live footage of you playing a game or on cut-scenes of stories of a video game. Create a video on walkthroughs inside a game as you will complete the levels and challenges.

These types of videos are fun, and you can directly start earning money from these videos.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • Dynamo Gaming
  • Carryislive

If you want to know more about the gaming live stream tell me in comment section, I will try my best to explain you about gaming live stream.

10. Cooking videos

Being foodie and cook are two entirely different things. It is not necessary that a foodie loves cooking and vice versa.

If you have a passion for cooking and love to make new recipes, this is one of the best YouTube Channel ideas for you.Next time you cook something delicious, just get a camera and also start shooting.

In conclusion, if your instructions are clear and recipe unique, it won’t be hard to get loyal audience base.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • Kdeb Cooking
  • Cook with Nisha

11. Comedy videos

Are you the funniest guy in your group who manage to make everyone chuckle? If so, starting a YouTube channel sharing some comedy videos would be a perfect fit for you.

You can create story videos, mimic someone, become s stand-up comedian and also with many different things. If your content is good, people will watch, share, and subscribe to you.

Tip: Get inspiration from your day-to-day life and try to make relatable videos.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • BB k Vines
  • Ashish chanchlani

12. Personal vlogging

Are you someone who just can’t have enough of the camera? And also do you enjoy being on camera and record your day-to-day activities with an interesting commentary?

If, yes starting a vlog channel can help you achieve the stardom you’ve been craving for so long. You can record your restaurant trip, travel journey, also a service experience etc. And share with the world your day.

There is many opportunity to become successful vlogger. Trust me, there are thousand of people who would love to see what’s going on your life and also gladly subscribe you.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • Casey Neistat
  • Gaurav Choudhri

13. Interview and Ask me Anything videos

Secretly, we all want to ask some personal questions to our favorite celebrity or influential person. It can be related to business, fun, strategies, etc. Which can clear our doubts.

So, if you want to start your YouTube channel, Interview channel is best idea for you.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • Satish K videos

14. Fashion and Lifestyle videos

If you are a fashionista or a fashion-designer, Creating a video and uploading videos related to fashion. This is the best possible way to earn fame and also money.

You simultaneously make some cash with these cool YouTube video ideas.

You try various outfits, attires of famous brands and show them to the audience. Through these types of videos, you can provide fashion advice to your great audience.

You can partner with brands and promote their apparels in your videos.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • DIY Queen
  • The style insider

15. Book Reviews

How can i forget one of the most passionate niches with a huge audience base? Books are known to be human’s best friend and also best resource to get information.

If you are a bookworm and enjoy reading books, why not share your personal reviews to help others decide. Other than reviews, creating top 10 list videos is also a good idea.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • Indian Booktuber

16. Sports

Do i need to tell you about this niche?

If you are sporty person with a deep interest at least one of the sports, try creating a YouTube channel on it. For example you can give tips, teach strategies, share highlights, etc.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • Spor Dilisi HD
  • Star Sports

17. Music Instrument Tutorials

If we are talking about hobbies already, why not discuss music. From playing guitar to drumming, each requires a specific set of skills.

Teaching music instruments to beginners is a popular niche. And also if you can simplify the techniques, you’ll become popular before you know it. After you get popular, you can even start your own music academy or brand.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • Andy Guitar
  • Elite Music Akola

18. Pets & Animals

Owning a pet has been known to increase productivity and make human happier. If you are alone or depressed, a pet can quickly improve your mood and also make you up.

But it’s not like that only people who own a pet love them. Anyone and every one find them cute and will happily the videos for hours.

If you are also interested in, this start your YouTube channel about pets and animals can help you go big. You can just record your pet doing cute things and upload it on YouTube.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • Funny Pets
  • Pet Adventures

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19. Animated Stories

It is not a one-person niche idea but requires a team of talented individuals.

The work involved can be hectic, but kids and teens getting access to gadgets make it a huge niche. The profit level is great and major production houses are trying to enter this niche and dominate.

If you have a good investment and know people with skills, start a channel in this niche.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • T-Series Kids Hut

20. Car and Bike reviews

I don’t think you need an introduction to people’s love for vehicle. People go crazy just to have a look at their favorite car, save for years to buy a new car/bike.

This is where you come into the picture and help them make an informed decision talking about all the pros and cons of a specific automobile. In this you also need to have some investment to get review unit or rent the vehicle.

YouTube Channel Examples:

  • CarAndBike
  • RegularCars

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Finally, hope that this article is very helpful for starting your journey on YouTube. Above best YouTube video ideas are most profitable and very popular.

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