2 Best Companies for Cement Dealerships, Cost, Details

Hello friends, welcome to our website thetrendybusiness. in this article you will be given all the information about the 2 best companies for cement dealerships and how to apply online for cement dealership?

It is very important to seek the dealership of a good company for any construction, as cement is very important for any construction.

So I am going to give you all the information about dealerships in this article, so if you want to choose the best cement dealership, read this article very carefully.

So let’s start this article without wasting any more time.

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2 Best Cement Dealership Companies in India

Good construction requires a good amount of cement. So you have to choose a good dealership of cement. Here, I will give you information about 2 best companies for cement dealerships.

The two companies are Ultratech and Ambuja. Which are one of the best cement companies in India. So you can take one from these two cement companies at your convenience.

So now we will get complete information about the cement company. What is the reason behind choosing such a company, how to apply for their dealership? Etc.

So let’s start with the information about ultratech cement company.


Ultratech cement dealership

Ultratech is the largest and premier cement manufacturer in India, producing 117 million tonnes of gray cement per year.

It has also expanded its business beyond India, currently having manufacturing units in Bangladesh, UAE, Sri Lanka, and many other countries.

It has a large network of employees. Which includes more than 22,000 employees. Which remains to work continuously for their customers. And they keep helping their customers 24/7 time.

After looking at all this information, you will know that Ultratech Cement has a very large network. So if you join this company you will get a lot of benefits and the profit margin will also be very large.

So how do you apply online for the Ultratech Cement dealership? We will get that information in this article.

What is Ultratech cement dealership?

how to get ultratech cement dealership

You will probably be familiar with the term franchise. A franchise is a legal agreement between a company for business and service.

This franchise is called a dealership. If you take a dealership from any company, you can get the full right to sell any product of that company.

Ultratech Cement Dealership works in the same way. When you take over the dealership of Ultratech Company, you have the right to sell their cement as well as other construction related products.

Benefits of Ultratech Cement Dealership

  • Ultratech Cement Company is the largest cement company in India and owns almost all construction-related items.
  • Your customer will never be disappointed with all those construction-related products, and all your customer satisfaction will be met from your shop.
  • The quality of this company’s product is the best. In addition, Ultratech Cement has been used in many projects of the Government of India.
  • Their customer care team will be ready to help you 365 days a year.
  • Banners for all advertisements of Ultratech Cement Company are also available. Which means you don’t have to spend a fortune on it.
  • Ultratech Cement dealerships have a profit margin of about 9% to 10%.
  • The company’s advanced technology, IT support, and much research enhance the quality of its products.

Cost of Ultratech Cement Dealership

The cost for the dealership is beyond your first order. You can start your own business from 1 lakh to 50 lakh.

Remaining costs such as space for stock storage of cement and other products, then the cost of different employees and the salary they have to pay, godown and vehicle, etc. Which you will be able to do your way.

Documents require

  • PAN card (Financial proof)
  • Aadhaar card, voter id card and ration card (Address proof)
  • required electricity bill (Permanent address proof)

How to apply in Ultratech cement dealership?

  • To get a dealership, first, open any browser and then search for “Ultratech Cement”.
  • Then first open the official website of Ultratech Company.
  • Now after you click on the link, you will go to the home page of Ultratech company’s website, click on the Contact tab somewhere at the top.
  • On this contact tab, you can ask any of your queries. Please query here only if it is mandatory.
  • Now in the contact form, you will see a dropdown menu in which you select the “Dealership and Retailers” option.
  • Now once you have filled in all the information, check it again so that no mistake is made, and then click on submit and let it be submitted.
  • Congratulations Your submission has been successful. Now you have to wait about 7 days to get feedback from them.

So all this information was related to Ultratech Cement. Now let us also get information about another cement company Ambuja as mentioned above.


how to get ambuja cement dealership

Ambuja is also one of the largest cement companies in India. The company manufactures many other construction-related products along with cement.

The company has more than 5000 employees within its company. In India, the company has 5 Integrated Units, 8 Grinding Units, and 4 Bulk Terminals.

Today the company has over 26,000 dealerships. With this, the company is expanding its business with neighboring countries around India.

What is Ambuja cement dealership?

2 best companies for cement dealerships

The Ambuja dealership is similar to the Ultratech Cement dealership shown above, and not just Ambuja but all other dealerships as well.

But still if you come to Direct Ambuja Cement, I would like to give you some information about Ambuja Dealership.

Some big companies or brands are expanding their dealerships or franchises to spread their business all over the world.

In this dealership, you will get a legal agreement to sell the product of that company or brand. Then you have the right to sell their product and start your own business.

Ambuja Cement Dealership Cost

In this dealership, like Ultratech Cement dealership, the costs are up to you. The costs include godown costs for storing cement and other products, store space, and salaries for your employees.

  • Land cost (about 50 lakhs)
  • Agency office and godown costs (about 1 to 2 lakhs)
  • Salaries for your employees (about 2 lakhs)

Documents required

  • Aadhaar Card , Pan Card , Voter Card (For ID proof)
  • Ration Card , Electricity Bill (For address proof)
  • Bank Account With Passbook
  • Photograph Email ID , Phone Number
  • TIN No. & GST No.

How to apply for Ambuja cement dealership?

In Ambuja Cement dealership, almost all the steps are the same as applying for dealership in Ultratech Cement.

  • So first you have to cross the official website of Ambuja Cement.
  • Then when you reach the home page of Ambuja Cement, you will find the Contact tab at the bottom or somewhere. Click there.
  • After clicking on it, a new page will open in which “Click here to become a distributor” will be written. Click there.
  • Now you will be presented with a form requesting some of your details which you have to fill up once and then submit it.
  • As soon as you submit, all your details will have reached the distributor of Ambuja Cement, so you will have to wait for a response from them.

Final words

In this article, you have got information about the 2 best companies for cement dealerships in India. As for the total cost for this dealership, how to apply online for this dealership? Etc.

So even though all the information from me has reached you, if you have not received any information and you have any query, you can comment and let us know in the comment box.

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